Barack Obama's Diary: O Winter Tree

Dear Diary: Auugh! Putin's lapdog newspaper Pravda is accusin' me of being a Communist. How dare they! Why can't Putin keep Russian media humpin' his leg like the US lapdog media do to me. A hint of  my disapproval and hacks like Chris Matthews and Brian Williams instantly whimper and cringe. Pravda says I "promote the Communist Manifesto."  I may publicly indulge in a little  flirtation with socialism , but  communism? That's for me to know and them to speculate about.
I gotta quiet day Monday. I might be persuaded to attend a presidential briefin'. Or not. Maybe I'll help M. decorate the White House Christmas Tree. [Note to self:  I must issue a decree that it henceforth be known as the White House Winter Tree so as not to offend those of the Islamic persuasion, like my power-hungry Egyptian pal, Mohammed Morsi.]