Why Romney should spurn Obama offer

Keith Koffler says Romney should refuse to co-operate with Obama:  "Obama ran the dirtiest, lowest, most malignant campaign I have seen in my lifetime...He said not just that Romney was wrong, but that he was a liar. He suggested Romney was a heartless bastard who cared only about his wealthy country club friends. He let his allies run an ad that linked Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital to a woman’s death. His campaign left the impression Romney had cheated on his taxes. Romney, Obama’s campaign claimed, was waging a “war on women.”
In terms of policy, Obama’s campaign was not about much. It was, instead, about destroying a good man’s character. If that man, Mitt Romney, decides now to cooperate with Obama, what Romney will really be doing is dismissing the whole campaign as a meaningless exercise and condoning such dirty tactics as a template for the future. What Obama did was unacceptable. And Romney shouldn’t accept it..." Read it all.