Barack Obama's Diary: Midnight Wars

Dear Diary: Happy New Year to me! I'm staying awake until the small hours  in case Biden and McConnell come up with an unexpected solution to the Fiscal Cliff. But the last time I went to bed in the middle of a crisis, Benghazi happened.  So I will stay up, fully clothed, and fill my time watching Storage Wars on our DVR.  Dave 'Yuuup' Hester could even teach Chicagoans a few things about being devious. My kinda guy Dave Hester is, my kinda guy...
I had a call from Michelle on Oahu earlier. She sounded way too happy. I suspect she's been hitting Saks and the boutiques of Waikiki, with a stack of credit cards in her purse. Sigh...This is goin' to be to the next deficit war.