Barack Obama's Diary: Aloha again

Dear Diary: "A jug of wine, a lungful of choom and thou," I quoth to Michelle as I arrived back on Oahu after being rudely interrupted by the Fiscal Cliff. I like to improvise  occasional clever literary parodies for Michelle to remind her that she's not the only one in this marriage with an education.  In this case my parody was based on a quote from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, a wondrous Persian work, perfect for reading when one is floating in a choom-induced trance. [Note to self: I must see if it charms President Ahmadinejad of Iran.]
The usual culprits are complaining about the cost of my flying to Oahu twice. I mean, come on, what's seven million dollars in the scheme of things?  On my way here aboard Taxpayer One I was able to catch up with reaction to the GOP's capitulation on taxes. Bwaaahhahaha! That'll give "no cojones" Boehner  some sleepless nights as he dreams of being pushed off his own personal cliff by furious Republicans. Next on my agenda, a plunge into the sea off the Marine Corpse base here and then a round of golf with my island buddies.