Fury at GOP's serial failure

Reaganite Republican is incensed by the GOP's sellout: "Surely I'm not the only one who will be quitting the Republican Party -and I mean next week- if they keep spineless RINO nothing John Boehner (and even worse traitor Mitch McConnell) in a position of power, not now that they've kowtowed to the vile Obammunist regime yet again and ditched whatever speck of principle they ever had with a
 truly sickening 41-1 tax increase/spending cuts ratio that can't spun any other way than complete and utter capitulation."
"What's the point of sticking with a party where even Paul Ryan so readily discards his own fiscal credibility by caving to the sniveling worms of the GOP establishment? Such pliability shows you why Mittens liked him, and he's fallen about five notches in my book over the last 12 hours. Barring a more conservative House Speaker or dramatic ascension within the party by -say- a Rubio, Paul, or Bachmann- the Republicans simply have nothing to offer me anymore but continued grief and serial failure."
That's telling them! Read it all.