Barack Obama's Diary: Cabbage mystery

Dear Diary: Michelle has made my life a living hell  today. A blogger called her out for apparently abandoning  her "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign. Michelle had been hoping that the lapdog media would allow it to fade from public memory. But no: Those daggone conservative bloggers are always on our case. Her face was like thunder when she realized she would have to rustle-up some "homegrown" winter veggies real quick. I don't  think even her winter vegetables  survived the recent ultra-hard frosts. But, as  if by magic, she soon tweeted  pictures of some newly-harvested cabbage and broccoli to her fans. Personally, I think Wholefoods may not be wholly innocent in this matter. Either way, the result is we're all going to be punished with cabbage at dinner for for the next few days. Yeecch! Maybe the kitchen will take mercy on me and turn those cabbages into coleslaw.