Barack Obama's Diary: Not staying in Vegas

Dear Diary:  Marvelous Marv woke us while it was still dark in DC and I was  motorcaded to Joint Base Andrews for the long flight to Vegas on Taxpayer One for my speech on immigration changes [or, as some like that burr under my saddle, Keith Koffler,  impertinently call it "the Democrat Voter Expansion Bill"]
The usual suspects are complaining about the $1.6 million cost of this trip, What do they expect , for me to  take a cab from 1600 Penn. to Vegas? This way the taxpaying masses are getting my incomparable brainpower for a bonus 9 hours [minus 30 minutes for a power-nap]... a raving bargain. Having delivered myself of my spectacular speech in good time for the 6.30pm  news on the East coast I reboarded Taxpayer One at McCarren Airport and I am  penning these few immortal lines for posterity on the long flight home.