Obama fiddles, Americans burn

Pamela Geller skewers Obama over the hostage massacre: The Algerian hostage crisis came to a bloody end ...when Special Forces stormed the BP gas complex after the jihadists executed their non-Muslim hostages. At least 81 people have been killed, including two Americans.
"Yet despite the American loss of life," writes Geller, "the president has not spoken of it or taken any leadership action on this act of war. The American media are following his lead. Every major world leader whose people were kidnapped and/or killed was addressing his parliament, media and the people of their countries: This act of war was a major news story everywhere except in America. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron canceled a trip to address the House of Commons, where he called the jihadist attack on the BP gas field “brutal and savage” ... and said the assault on the complex was “large, well-coordinated and heavily armed.” Coordinated by whom? Al-Qaida jihadists...."  Read it all