Obama 'aims to gut 2nd Amendment'

"The Obama administration's gun-ban agenda and universal background check system are unconstitutional regulatory schemes to gut the Second Amendment. These proposals, which mandate the government collection of data on lawful gun buyers and sellers, amount to universal gun registration and gun owner licensing," writes Marion Hammer, past president of the NRA.
"This agenda focuses on peaceable citizens, not violent criminals who obtain guns on the black market to carry out unspeakable crimes already prohibited under federal and state laws. Instead of stopping crime and eliminating criminal conduct, they are creating more criminals — they are targeting you.
That's why NRA members and the nation's 100 million firearms owners will stand in solidarity and fight against these misguided and diabolical proposals that have nothing whatsoever to do with curbing criminal violence but everything to do with stripping us of our guaranteed civil rights and our freedom."--Read it all.
[Thanks BJS]