Get ready for the Republican rebound

 "Since President Obama's inaugural address, I've heard from friends all over the country. Many of them are Republicans, some are not, but all are very alarmed at the direction the president is charting for the next four years, writes Mary Kate Cary in US News. She continues: '"At the same time, there's a feeling that the Republican Party is at its weakest in generations. I've heard from all kinds of people who want to get involved in getting it back on track: women who see a role for themselves for the first time ever, young millennials concerned about the national debt, Latinos who are frustrated with Obama's unkept promises on immigration, disillusioned Romney supporters who want to change the tone in Washington, African-Americans who are not happy with how far left the Democratic party has moved...The GOP should be welcoming them all with open arms. As one woman put it, the Republican Party's attitude should be, "If you want us, we want you." Amen to that.  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made the argument this week that the future of the Republican Party lies outside the Beltway. I couldn't agree more...." Read it all.  For Jindal's whole speech, see "Recommended Reads" [right]
[Thanks BJS]