The Fiscal Cliff Awards go to...

Keith Koffler  of the excellent White House Dossier  has compiled a  list of Fiscal Cliff Awards:

Winner Who Took All: Barack Obama, who somehow raised taxes without having to give away anything on spending. Truly a remarkable political feat. The Welfare State is safe in his hands.

The Biggest Loser: John Boehner, who not only allowed Obama to raise taxes - and voted for the bill himself - but who tried to raise taxes unilaterally in the House and then lost control of the issue to the Senate when his own Party wouldn't cooperate.

Biggest Winner & Loser: Joe Biden, who came to the rescue to negotiate the Fiscal Cliff deal for Obama and looked something like a statesman, but who then reverted to form and made a disgraceful mess of the Senate swearing in ceremony by telling participants to "spread your legs," etc.

Biggest Weasel: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who pretended to try to seek spending cuts by proposing a reduction in Social Security payment increases, and then, after looking like a conservative, said never mind and bought in to Obama's tax increase.

Biggest Vacationer: Michelle Obama, who worked in a 17-day trip to Hawaii while everyone else just worked.

Biggest Hypocrite: Global warming aficionado Al Gore, who sold his TV station to an oil kingdom.

Second Biggest Hypocrite: Barack Obama, who proclaimed his concern about taxpayers and the deficit while making two roundtrip flights on Air Force One to Hawaii to bring the total cost of his vacation to more than $7 million.

Second Biggest Loser: U.S. taxpayers