Barack Obama's Diary: Sleeping beauty

Today began with the  National Prayer Breakfast, which began at the inhumanely early hour of 8am. I was immediately overcome by waves of fatigue, and my head began to nod. Awkwaard.  I surreptitiously  slipped a couple  nicotine gum lozenges  into my mouth. The stimulative  effect was almost immediate, like a cigarette after a heavy lunch. There was a black pediatric neurologist going on about how he had overcome a difficult background to become successful, but he lost me completely when he started advocating a flat tax. Redistribution from rich to poor is the only way to go, as any sane person knows. There's been some more sniping at me in Congress today for being AWOL during the Beghazi incident. What do people expect when  I have to be up with the sun to attend prayer breakfasts?