Barack Obama's Diary: Howzit hangin' dude?

Dear Diary: I'm on a comedic roll. After my masterful speech at the White House Correspondents' dinner, I decided to add some wisecracks to my speech at the National Academy of Sciences 150th anniversary today. Since I am a better scientist than most scientists, I asked why they had not been more successful at creating renewable energy. "Why no nuclear fusion?"  I asked. "If the sun can manage it, why can't you?" There followed a stunned silence due to their  understandable awe at the depth of my knowledge.
Later  today I had my staff place a call to professional basketball player Jason Collins who came out as gay this morning.
"Mr Collins is on the line, sir," said the switchboard operator. I said: "Wassup, Jason, congratulations on  coming out of the closet!" He said: "Bathhouse Barry! I'd know your voice anywhere.. Hey man, how's it hangin'..."  Strange guy ... I couldn't understand what on  earth he was talking about. But enough about me.