Barack Obama's Diary: Red line? What red line?

Dear Diary: I addressed a Planned Parenthood gala in DC. today. I didn't know what to expect at a P.P. "gala"... people dressed as dancing fetuses? My remarks were carefully neutral with lots of ...er..long... pauses. Using this technique...one can sound...er... thoughtful and... concerned... while...stretching a para...graph into...er... an entire... speech. Later I met with King Abdulla of Jordan. I had left  it to Joe Biden to explain the awkward question of why I had drawn a red line for Assad over chemical weapons and then allowed Assad to cross it without consequence.   I had a reminder just yesterday at the Bush Library of the consequence of holding to principled decisions.  Poor Dubya was so ashamed  of his 8 years that he cried.  Give me the good old Bill Clinton technique of wetting a finger and holding it up to the wind of public opinion before deciding.  Tonight I am retiring early to the Presidentopedic after  an episode of Storage Wars in which Jarrod is flying solo without Brandi.  But enough about me.