Barack Obama's Diary: Ellementery speling

Dear Diary: A busy day today that my aides hoped would distract the ravening wolves of the media from the IRS, Benghazi, and other inconsequential distractions. I visited an elementary school in Baltimore to show  the nation my Daddy face. "K-A-T spells Kat" I said. A child said "it's C-A-T." Cheeky little swine. I told an aide to have the family income tax return  re-audited. Gotta put a chill up the spine of those who disrespect me. Then I addressed workers at a factory and said we need more good-paying jobs. People applauded my sympathetic  insight. It's no wonder they voted me back for a second term. There are times that I  could hug myself and I do. But enough about me.