Barack Obama's Diary: Cameron, Camer off

After my usual  morning briefing it was time to meet British Prime Minister Cameron."Good Morning  Cameron Diaz, old chap, " I said to him breezily.  He gave me a puzzled glance: We had a meeting for an hour or so about things  which are for  for me to know and others to guess. Rest assured, though, that I told him how to sort out Britain's problems which are mostly rooted in the colonization of Kenya. Afterwards, Mr. Diaz and I held a media conference during which some tactless hack raised the question of Benghazi. I became so stompy-foot frustrated by this that a tear slipped from right eye, which a photographer zoomed in on. Fortunately, MSM lapdogs attributed it to seasonal allergies. The IRS scandal seems to creeping ever nearer to DC and we needed a distraction. Luckily, Eric The Withholder came to the rescue with an inspired tactic: seizing a bunch of phone records from Associated Press. That should keep the media baying at the base of another tree for a while. Later I flew to New York for the really important business of the day:  three fundraisers. But enough about me.