Barack Obama's Diary: Sandtraps

Dear Diary: Saturday has arrived and not a moment too soon. The heat over Benghazi has been getting uncomfortable even for a cool guy like myself.  I decided to escape to the golf course with aides Marvin  Nicholson,  Mike Brush and Joe Paulsen. When Valerie Jarrett cautioned against  the possible bad PR, I replied: "What, at this point, does it matter?" This has bcome a mantra around here as in:  "The IRS has been targeting conservatives."... What at this point does it matter.  " The Benghazi talking points were edited not once but 12 times" ...What at this point does it matter? " ...."You may be impeached over Benghazi." What at this point  does it... aaaugh! you're kidding me!
I need to unwind by unleashing a Predator.  I've got Hagel on speed-dial on my iPhone: "Chuck," I said,  "you guys got any  hot targets? An American in Yemen? Great...Fire at will."   Now I feel better. But enough about me.