Benghazi cover-up 'stinks'

Our Sydney, Australia, Correspondent, draws our  attention to a piece in the London Telegraph by the always-excellent James Delingpole, who writes:
"I've just been watching the riveting live coverage of Congress's investigation into the Benghazi disaster in which US ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by Al Qaeda affiliates while the Obama administration stood by and let it happen. What becomes clearer than ever, listening to the testimony of America's most senior surviving man on the ground Greg Hicks, is that the whole business reeks of the most concerted presidential cover up since Watergate...
....As I watched, I was reminded of a joke Obama made recently at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
"I recognize that the press and I have different jobs to do.  My job is to be President; your job is to keep me humble.  Frankly, I think I’m doing my job better."
Except it wasn't really a joke at all. Just an honest reflection of the near-total lack of scrutiny that the Obama administration gets from his amen corner in the MSM.  Read it all
[Thanks: BH]