Rumor-mill: Holder 'losing grip'

Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that “Holder’s days are numbered,” and  that Massachussetts Governor Deval Patrick is Obama’s pick to replace him.
Sneed hears President Barack Obama, who is very close to Holder, has set his sights on Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick as a possible replacement “when the heat dies down on the latest hot-button scandals to hit the U.S. Justice Department,” said a top White House source.  Last year, Holder became a hot button over a congressional probe of the sale of government guns to drug cartels.  This time it’s the double whammy of an IRS scandal and the U.S. Justice Department’s seizure of Associated Press reporters’ phone records — which has caused a media uproar.
Sneed hears that Obama will wait until the furor dies down so his and Valerie Jarrett's good buddy will be able to leave with, ahem, “his reputation intact.”