Case Notes: Patient 540463, Obama, Barack H.

8/24/13: I was not able to see Patient directly due to his absence on a bus tour.  But we held a consultation by encrypted telephone. Patient is still under great stress due to people pressing him to make decisions on action against Syria where chemical weapons are being used. Patient says he has already taken decisive  action against the Assad regime  by appearing  on television and warning that widespread chemical  use would “clearly a big event of grave concern."
 "What do your advisers suggest?" I asked. "They don't agree," Patient replied. I asked: "But isn't your job to compile all advice and then you decide?" I asked. " No" he said,"that's Val Jarrett's job." There was a prolonged silence. Then Patient said: "F--ck the Middle East what I want to know is if I'm a suitable subject for gender reassignment." Patient, to use a technical term, shows symptoms of being  a complete moron.--- Dictated by Dr. S.H.Rink.