Bark Obama's bulletin: Mulling action

Woof! My master is doing what he calls "mulling" regarding Syria. This angers me, because dogs are dying in that  holocaust and my master won't take any decisive action. I'm mulling what to do," he tells inquirers. "Mulling" consists of kicking  back his chair at the Resolute Desk, closing his eyes, and resting his elbows on the arm rests.  You and I call it "taking a nap." if someone like Valerie Jarrett calls to see if he's free, he suddenly sits bolt upright , puts  a few memos in front of him, picks up a pen and starts to write. This morning when she walked in he said. "Ma'am, tell me what to do about Syria."  She said: "Barry, If you can't hide behind the UN, take cover behind the Brits or the French."  Woof!"