Barack Obama's Diary [Part2]

Dear Diary: It's not often that I make two Diary entries in a day, but today has been extraordinary. I arranged for  Secret Service  agents to act as servers for lunch with Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi terrifies me almost as much as Vlad Putin, and Biden would be of no help if Bibi jumped up in a fury and started stranglin' me.  We all sat down amicably enough and a 'server' brought in a tureen of  soup from which he ladled a  bowl of clam chowder each. Bibi toyed with it suspiciously and said: "I need to call my taster , as I think this is not kosher". He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dark-colored phone. " GUN! " yelled the server. The tureen of soup flew into the air as the agent flung himself   between Bibi and Me. Most of the chowder landed on Biden and the tureen clattered to the floor. Awkwaaard . There was a hideously embarrassed  silence until Joe, never at a loss for words said:  "Another fine mess you got me in, Bibi."  Netanyahu laughed uproariously  and  I covertly swallowed another of Dr. Rink's calming pills and tried to look as though nothing had happened. But enough about me.