Barack Obama's Diary: Scary Bibi

Dear Diary: Auugh! The pressure on Me is becoming unbearable. Bibi Netanyahu is coming to lunch today and I know he will be angry at my  overtures towards  President Hasan Rouhani of Iran. Behind closed doors Netanyahu is very intimidating. He will listen to my brilliant analysis of the Middle East and interrupt  with something dismissive like: "Cut the crap, Obama. You know, as well as I do,  that the Iranians  are developing a nuclear weapon as fast as they can.  The only question that remains is where they will detonate it. Israel is a burr under their saddle. But you are a thorn in their side.   How's that hardened deep-underground  communications  center you had built for you, Obama?"  His bullying will make Me feel an instinctive, overwhelming desire to curl up and rub my cheek with my  satin-edged comfort blankie, Boo Boo. But I will resist it, and take one of Dr. Rink's calming pills instead.  But enough about me.