Case Notes: Patient 540463, Obama Barack, H.

9/5/13 Patient still unstable after panic attack on Air Force One.  We landed at St Petersburg this morning and I have been asked to join him and Susan Rice in The Beast which was flown here because Patient did not want to travel in the same Mercedes Benz limos as the other G20 attendees to the conference at the  Constantine Palace.  Patient was still showing signs of Vladiphobia as we began the journey."I don't trust that Putin" he said as he peered anxiously out of the window. He spoke to the Secret service driver. "When we get there,  how will we know  it's the correct destination?"  "Don't worry Sir," said the agent "I have driven the route several times to scout for potential security problems."  Patient took on a panicked appearance. "Security problems? Oh, God... I knew I should never have entered Pootin's lair."  Patient assumed a fetal position on the back seat and began sucking his thumb. Within only minutes we were outside the Constantine Palace. Patient whimpered: " Doctor, how do I know this isn't the KGB headquarters and they are waiting inside to grab me?" asked Patient. The Secret Service agent, obviously used to Patient's outbursts, said  calmly: "Sir, the Lubyanka is in Moscow. The only person waiting inside here is President Putin waiting to greet you."
" Oh God, Dr Rink, give me a shot of your magic juice,"  patient said to me,  and against my better  judgment I gave him a small injection of Ativan. "What is your first name, Dr Rink? Patient asked. "Stephen," I replied.  "Stephen, please come inside with me, I need your support." We proceeded inside where, waiting  for my patient, was his nemesis, Vlad Putin. The Ativan had kicked in now and patient  reacted with only a slight wince as Putin's  muscled hand clamped around his and squeezed... I could hear Patient's knuckles crack. Patient's Secret Service agents closed in at his sides and I took up the rear. So far so good. ---Dictated by S.H. Rink, MD.