Progress notes: Patient 540463 OBAMA, Barack . . .(confidential)

9/16/13  It's too soon to confirm, but I think patient may be responding to the low dosage of Loxapine. I held a consultation in patient's private apartment with him stretched out on a sofa. "How have you been feeling?" I asked him. "Better?"
"The pesky Moose has finally gone," he said.
"That's an excellent development," I said. "Has it been replaced by anything?"
 He nodded. "By what?" I asked.
"Tiny mouses."
 "You mean mice?"
"Mice, Schmice...Whatever."
Just then we heard several loud bangs  from outside. The moron hurled himself onto the floor and lay prone, hands over his head, shaking. Moments later, Valerie Jarrett  knocked, ran in, and said: "Don't worry, Barry. Someone just threw some firecrackers on to the north lawn. Doctor, are those mice on the floor next to the President?"
 I'm starting to think that in the People's House they are all nuts. ----Dictated by S.H. Rink, M.D.