Barack Obama's Diary: Engaged

Dear Diary:  I was reminded today how much more intellectual capacity I have compared to the average American. Staff here in The Spite House have been complaining about the number of people calling about the Shutdown. "There's a simple solution to that," I opined. "Just set up an automatic message saying:
"Hello, you have reached the Executive Office of the President. "We apologize, Genius, but due to the Shutdown, we are unable to take your call. The lines will resume operation once a budget agreement has been reached and funding returns. Please call back at that time."  But staff said that would not cure the flooding of the switchboard.  "Simple," I said, "Just take our number off the Spite House website." I have taken to calling it The Spite House to remind everybody in the Administration that they should be as vengeful, petty and obstructive as possible  to the public so they feel the lash of the shutdown and blame the GOP for it. Bwaaaaah ha! ha! as Vlad Putin would say. But enough about me.