Barack Obama's Diary: Down and out

Dear Diary: Today has been hell.  I asked Valerie Jarrett to set up a consultation with Dr Rink. She returned to the Oval Office looking  flustered, which is not like her.
 "You're not registered," she said.
"Not registered with whom:?" I asked.
"With ObamaCare."
"Why do I need to be?"
 "Because Dr Rink says he is not accepting patients,"particularly morons" unless they are registered members of ObamaCare.
"Well, sign me up."
"I tried, it, Barry, but the Obamacare websites are all down"
"But I need attention immediately,"  I said, holding out my trembling hands to show the extent of my distress,
"Maybe you should have waited a year, like the GOP wanted. I told you that  you could have done it with no loss of face."
" Lose my face! I'm  going to lose my face?   Aaauuugh!"
"No Barry. Just take one of Dr Rink's calming pills, lie down and  take it easy for a while".