Barack Obama's Diary: Another PM lands me in trouble

Dear Diary: I was reminded today why I  normally restrict my golfing buddies to aides or longtime friends. They know better than to upstage Me.  Today, I made the mistake of inviting the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, pictured left, [who has a Hawaiian vacation home] and his teenage son Max, to join me and chef Sam Kass for a round of golf. At the only hole that is visible to the street, I putted my ball several feet short of the hole, while Max sank his in one putt. Awkwaaard...Max luckily responded to the high-five which I bestowed upon him lest I be considered a sore loser.  John Key is a presumptuous man, Prime Minister of a country about the size of  California, known best for its rugby team  named the All Blacks [they aren't]. Key has his office in a weird-looking building called The Beehive which is notable for its almost complete lack of security [after all, who would want to blow it up?] But enough about me.