Obamacare ignores babies

When parents covered by ObamaCare have a baby, they can tell their families, friends, and co-workers—but not the federal government. It seems the HealthCare.gov website doesn't provide that option at the moment, reports AP. Nor can participants report other life-changing circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, a change in income, or a geographical move. The glitch was supposed to have been fixed after the launch, but got shunted aside amid bigger tech problems.
"It's just another example of, 'We'll fix that later,'" says an industry consultant. "This needed to be done well before January. It's sort of a fly-by-night approach." So what's a new mom to do? Report the child's birth directly to her insurer to make Junior is covered, then report it to the federal insurance marketplace ... whenever the fix is made. As of now, there's no estimate on when that might be. [BJS]