U.S. can't get no respect, says Trump

The standing of the United States in the world is the worst since its founding, billionaire Donald Trump said Monday. The country is "in a state that we probably haven't been in for, maybe, since the founding of the country. It's very sad," Trump told Fox & Friends.
The crisis in Ukraine, China's recent devaluation of its currency, and Russia's involvement in Iran and Syria were contributing factors to the United States being "scoffed at and thrown around," Trump said.
"Things are happening with us that are unbelievable. We're just not a respected country any more."
Trump predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not be fazed by sanctions imposed on Russia for its takeover of Crimea. He said Russia also was in control in Iran and Syria and "virtually every other place."
The people of Russia "are in love with" Putin and thought he was "like a god," Trump said, and described his popularity as "through the roof." By contrast, he said Obama's poll numbers "are at a record low."  [Source]