Barack Obama's Diary: Madmen

Dear Diary: My head is still spinning after a  deeply  disorienting day. After a routine briefing from  aides, I had a private lunch with Joe Biden who is normally very confused, but after a week in Poland is completely out of it and has been telling  the Poles that Putin is annexing them and wants "to put you back in chains". And then there's  John Kerry who has returned from Europe with an even longer face than he had before  which scarcely seems possible, but it is the result of having achieved nothing in talks with Russia's Foreign Minister. My anxiety level was rising fast so I asked Valerie to make an appointment  for me to see Dr. Rink, but she says he was last seen being loaded into an ambulance in a canvas jacket with the sleeves  tied behind his back, yelling: "Enough of that insane egotist. I can't take him any more" I can't imagine to whom he was referring. But enough about me.