'Throw Sister under the bus'

"Catholic high school throws a nun under the bus for teaching Catholic doctrine.  Can you guess that homosexuality was involved? Of course you can." writes Chris Wysocki. "But, what you can't do, is repeat Church teaching on homosexuality in a Catholic school. Because then the tolerance crowd goes insane.  Political correctness took an ugly turn last week when a Catholic nun was excoriated for lecturing against same-sex unions at a Catholic high school in North Carolina."And the outrage didn't come from the left, but from students and parents. Sister Jane Dominic Laurel told students that homosexuality is not so much a biological trait as a result of psychological factors often prompted by environmental conditions, like being raised by same-sex parents. She used studies and data to back up her claims, according to Breitbart News. Sister Laurel, a Nashville Dominican nun with a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical University in Rome, has often lectured on church doctrine, which teaches that homosexuality is a sin. She normally teaches at Aquinas College, but often guest lectures at high schools across the country. "Judging by how the students and parents reacted, that Catholic school is "Catholic" in name only," writes Wysocki.