Barack Obama's Diary: Hey, foxie, foxie!

Dear Diary:  I've had a tough week dealing with Putin. And with April 20 being National Pot Day I decided that a joint of Blueberry Yum Yum would be a splendid way to settle my feelings of inadequacy. So I ducked under the Resolute Desk opened the secret compartment and withdrew a fat joint. I called Bo and Sunny along for a walk to give me cover. When I was a safe distance from the house, I lit the joint and inhaled deeply.  Bo and Sunny... Bo and Sunny...strange names for dogs. Then, suddenly ..a red-colored dog materialized before me, panting quietly:  I was transfixed: the fox! It was the mysterious White House fox! I withdrew my iPresidentophone from a pocket and knelt alongside the animal and extended an arm. Click! I had a selfie to beat all selfies and sent it Joe Biden with a message:" Nyaaa, nyaaa! Eat Your Heart Out, Joe." But enough about me.