Dim Crims: three arrested for DUI in one car

Police in New South Wales, Australia, stopped a car at a DUI checkpoint, gave the driver a breath test, and promptly hauled him off to jail on drunk-driving charges, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. Routine stuff, but this makes it a little more interesting: After the arrest, one of the two passengers slid into the driver's seat and drove off, only to get pulled over within minutes and hauled off to join his buddy in jail on DUI charges of his own. Not bad, but this truly elevates things: After that arrest, the remaining passenger got behind the wheel, drove off, and, yes, got stopped and charged with DUI, too. All three arrests took place within 20 minutes, notes the Nothing To Do With Arbroath blog, and all three men might be car-pooling again soon for their April 16 court appearances. [Source]   [BJS]