That lyin' liar has been lyin' again

"Are your health insurance premiums higher than ever? You betcha! Thanks Obamacare!
You already know this but, if you liked your plan, you couldn't keep your plan.
And of course, if you liked your doctor, you couldn't keep your doctor.
Now, in a Superfecta of Obamacare #fail, if you were expecting to save $2,500 per year, well, the joke's on you. Do you remember when Barack Obama told you the average family would save $2,500 a year under Obamacare? Yeah, that was a lie, too.
Everything Obama says is a lie. Including "and" and "the," writes Chris Wysocki at Wyblog
The United States has seen the sharpest increase in health insurance premiums in the last year than possibly ever, a new survey has found, and analysts have concluded the "increases are largely due to changes under the Affordable Care Act."
According to Forbes magazine, a quarterly survey by investment bank Morgan Stanley of 148 brokers who sell insurance showed that premiums accelerated in the last quarter more than of any of the 12 prior quarterly periods, a peak which has coincided with the run-up to the Obamacare deadline.