Barack Obama's: Diary: The high road

Dear Diary: The situation nationally and internationally has become unmanageable because nobody will listen to me.  The answer came to me last evening as I inhaled a joint of blueberry yum-yum on the South lawn. I am increasingly worried that some crazed Republican is at this moment scouting for a suitable grassy knoll. Scary. then the solution came to me. I will substitute somebody else for me --an imposter, if you will.  It s a ruse used in the past by the appalling Churchill and others of global stature. But who could possibly  fill my shoes?  Fate took a hand after I returned to the Oval Office. Eric Withholder knocked on the door and entered. Perfect! Same skin-tone. Just remove his facial fuzz and he would pass for me, at a quick glance. "Eric," I said. "I have a brilliant plan for you."
"I am at your service, Dear Leader, he curtsied."Your word is my command."
"For a start, don't curtsy. It's unbecoming to a man. A little bow will suffice." But enough about Me.