Progress report on Patient No. 540463 OBAMA, Barack, H.

7/25/14:  I had planned to sleep late in my nifty little White House suite and order breakfast from the kitchen over the internal phone system. But barely had I drawn up a chair to a table laden with wholewheat toast, bacon, coffee and eggs over-easy, when the phone rang. It was Valerie Jarrett. " Come to the family quarters, quick as you can," she said. "He's having a full-on panic attack." I bounded up the stairs two at a time and found patient pointing mutely  at the window.  On the other side of the glass was a tiny flying machine. A drone!
"Tennis racquet, quick!" I told an ashen-faced Jarrett  who vanished, then reappeared in seconds bearing the requested item. I flung open  the window and brought the racquet down hard on the drone. It buzzed like a wounded bee then fell, crumpled, onto the South  Lawn. The Secret Service examined it and found a provocative Россия [Russia] inscribed upon its wings.  Patient, after he had recovered, declared it a maneuver by Vladimir Putin to unnerve him. Clearly, it had succeeded.  Dictated by S.H Rink, M.D.