Barack Obama's Diary: Oh clever, clever me!

My brilliance never fails to astound me.  Today I actually had all the lapdog media carrying a clip of me denying that I'm interested in photo-ops. The hacks, of course, missed the point that my denial was itself a photo-op. Clever, clever Barack, if I may say so and I may, so I do.
Meanwhile the invasion at our southern border and the chaos in the Middle East will distract  the MSM hacks  from our  imminent 15-day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, far, far away from the lice and TB-ridden hordes from Guatemala. People want me to visit them. As if !
We'll depart Washington August 9, staying in  our usual   $12 million vacation home. Valerie Jarrett will be on the Vineyard as well as Dr. S.H. Rink whom  she called  for help last year when the silly woman suspected I was becoming paranoid.  He's been very helpful, but I'm glad the military pick up his Godzilla-sized medical bills.