Barack Obama's Diary: My cunning pot plan comes together

Dear Diary: Mirabile dictu!  Wondrous news! The good folk of DC have opted to legalize pot and dealers are already hovering around schools, selling  baggies of the seductive substance. My supplies of ganja in a secret compartment of the Resolute Desk are perilously low and I need a cunning plan to replenish them. I tried using a drone  a couple days ago, but it crashed on a White House lawn. I could ask a discreet aide like Marv Nicholson to drive me in his car and -- while the Secret Service are sleeping off their usual nefarious activities -- I could don a beard from Michelle, leap from Marv's car,  seize a dealer's baggies, leave him a couple hundred bucks and order Marv to put the pedal to the metal of his Civic and high-tail it back to the White House before my minders even notice I've been missing. Brilliant