Lyin' Brian quits tryin'

Brian Williams has taken a  'leave of absence' for an indefinite period. No doubt to see if  the storm  that surrounds him will blow over. The LC [who has been correct in his predictions so far] thinks  that is a vain hope and does  not expect to see Williams return  after Lester Holt's weekend stint.  This is the perfect opportunity for the  lovely and formidably-talented Deborah Turness (above) to start putting her unique stamp on NBC News, without Lyin' Brian's massive ego barring the way.  The  LC  once knew a remarkably talented PR executive who defined PR as the art of making friends before you need them: A lesson the pompous Williams clearly never learned. The LC lives in hope that the partially French-educated Turness will eventually do something about the grotesquely bad French pronunciations on NBC news