Barack Obama's Diary: Me? An egomaniac?

Aloha Diary:   We islanders revert to our native customs when we are over here from what we call the mainland... For me that means saying aloha on all possible occasions,  like at my Presidential briefing this morning, when I noticed that my advisers were eating into my precious golfing time.  I stood up and said: "Guys, our response to Assad's reported use of nerve gas can wait, unlike my round of golf.  Aloha." 
 Meantime, I'm getting real tired of people saying all I ever talk about is me.  Today I saw on the news that a Boston cop  selflessly jumped into frigid waters  to save a woman who had fallen in. I often plunge  into water without hesitation when I am in Hawaii. I like to body surf  and  I  don't slowly walk out into the waves. I  dive straight in and swim. I've never much liked board surfing, because I don't feel a true connection to the sea. I first tried surfing when I was seven. Where was I? Oh, yes, the myth that I'm always talking about me. Au contraire, I have always been interested in other people's lives. This began when I was 11 years old and had begun to realize that there were other people in the world besides me...