Barack Obama's Diary: I, Myself, am not all about Me

Dear Diary: I am distraught. The writer Peggy Noonan who has been writing about Me  says that when My aides talk about Me, they often refer to Me as Oba-Me because I'm all about Me. I am the leader of the Free World, for goodness sake, what do they think I am-- chopped liver? I am not self-centered at all, I always listen to others so I can point out where their view differs from Mine and I can  show them the path to righteousness in My name's sake. Me and myself are obviously at the center of this Administration, I mean whose Administration is it but Mine? Perhaps Ms Noonan would prefer Me to use other languages like Ich, or Moi to refer to Myself. To Me she is an insulting person, but maybe that's just Me.