Progress Notes for patient: 540463, OBAMA, Barack...... [confidential]

9/15/13 Patient presented as somewhat improved.  However, he is still clearly terrified of Vladimir Putin, to whom he attributes almost supernatural powers and patient still trembles when he discusses him. In truth, the only substantial difference between them is patients' extraordinary immaturity which leaves him unable  to think more than a step ahead or foresee possible setbacks or long-term consequences. I think it is time to try a mild anti-psychotic  medication to assess  its ability in reducing his paranoia. Patient  is convinced  that he is being shadowed by a moose with huge, accusing eyes.  This is weird, since patient has neither  encountered a moose, nor been north of the lower 48. Since I have psyched patient into cutting out marijuana, I think it's time to introduce the moron to a very low dose of Loxapine, increasing it gradually until there is no longer  any improvement, when the dose can be stabilized. ---Dictated by S.H. Rink, M.D.