Healthcare. gov can't heal errors

Months after its botched rollout, the ObamaCare website is still missing a way to fix enrollment errors, government data obtained by The Washington Post reveals. Tens of thousands of people affected by the errors have had to fill in a seven-page appeal form and send it to a federal contractor's office in Kentucky, where they are scanned and sent to languish in a computer system because the system that would let workers deal with appeals has yet to be built, insiders say. At least 22,000 people, many of whom were charged too much for insurance, have been affected. A spokesman for the agency that oversees HealthCare.gov says people affected by enrollment errors are invited "back to HealthCare.gov, where they can reset and successfully finish their applications," though the Post's sources note that the agency has no way of cross-checking to see which appeals have been withdrawn. Despite the lack of a working appeals system and many other hiccups, the Obama administration says enrollment has soared in recent weeks to 3 million. [Source]    [BJS]