Red Julia's last days

Red Julia: Imminent ouster
Australia's flame-haired leftist Prime Minister Julia Gillard will soon be ousted, predicts Andrew Bolt, who doubts she will survive through September. And just in case  his readers haven't got the message, the famously blunt Bolt says: "This is without doubt the most dangerously inept and untrustworthy government in our history."  
Hmmm. We could do with that guy over here.

Brits 'trapped in godforsaken hellhole'

 You think you've had it bad with the quake, Irene and Great Recession?  Spare a thought for the rising numbers  of Britons who can't afford to leave their godforsaken  hellhole, the Daily Mash  reports.

Cartoonist of the Day: more Payne

Henry Payne has done it again!

Zilla's blogiversary

Pay a visit to Zilla on this, her special day!

'Mad' Max-ine threatens banks

AS if the Democratic Inquisition hasn't scared the financial world enough,  Maxine Waters, of the Black Caucus,  is now threatening to tax banks out of existence. Maybe it's all part of O's  hugely anticipated jobs plan.

[Hat tip: Michelle Malkin]

Always there when they need us

My Vermont friend emailsI was just wondering when the Arab League, the Saudis, China, Israel, et. al. will be sending offers of money, aid, and food to Vermont and other regions devastated by Irene.  I'm not holding my breath.

You thought the 9/11 anniversary was about the victims?

 Chris Wysocki at his sarcastic best on Wyblog.

White House again prods lifeless housing market

Freddie stretched further
After  a report (below) about  banks being  made to make cheap loans to minorities, comes news that the WH  plans  yet another effort to revive the housing market by making Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accept  refinancing at rock-bottom  rates, even for homeowners who are underwater.  Reuters has the story.


Banks encouraged to make cut-price loans to minorities

Encouraging a banker
Not content with triggering the housing collapse  by mandating loans for those who could not afford them, the Dems are at it again. Now the Justice Department wants  banks to make loans at below market rates to "help" minorities.  Except it won't "help"  them do anything but take on  more debt they can't afford to repay. The WSJ 's Mary Kissel has the whole story.

Irene leaves a splitting headache

 A friend up in Vermont whose work I often edit, has an enviable  writer's office/shed near his house.  He lost four big trees to Irene and almost lost his shed [ see left ] despite our nation's indomitable  leader commanding the Hurricane Control Center.  But the Exalted One will have an easy solution: Tax all trees, and regulate them. 

Looney Libs

"Whaddya mean, I'm so ugly I could sue?"

Cartoonist of the Day: Henry Payne

Henry Payne is our choice for today.

Could Uncle Omar sue?

An academic writing in the NYT  has suggested that  homely people could sue for discrimination. Could this be why  President Obama's  somewhat aesthetically-challenged "Uncle Omar" [right] has not had his long-standing deportation order enforced? Surely not.
   In other news, the LC has  been advised by his lawyers, Bigbuks & Greede, not to pursue a case, since the LC is such a handsome old geezer that he hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of winning.


Obama: ready for the Big Office?

CNN anchor Kyra Phillips asked her "Political Buzz" panel Monday if GOP candidates Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are "ready for the big office." 
What about  President Obama? Three years in the "big office" and he's still not ready.

Streaking in the storm


Good news for ugly people

Good news for the ugly. An academic wrote this satirical  piece in The New York Times suggesting that ugly people  could sue for discrimination if they miss out on a job or promotion. Oops, wait... you mean it's not satire?
Oh, well,  this report  from the SL Tribune certainly isn't satirical and it's almost as absurd.

Too little spice in this Curry

Curry: Bland
Ann Curry, who's talent, she thinks, cannot be denied, commented on her debut in Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women list: "What I hate more than any other [stereotype] is this idea that a woman can only be successful because she somehow connived or engineered her rise. That she could not rise simply because she was too good to be denied. That irks me."
   What irks me on the is her blandness,  faux concern, compulsive "empathetic"  touching of co-hosts and interviewees, and fatuous links like "such a sad story, Matt."   There's an obvious reason why ratings have fallen since Meredith Vieira left: Curry's lack of spice.


New scandal involving Australia's Red Julia?

Gillard: questions
The excellent Andrew Bolt has some intriguing tidbits about a possible second  scandal involving Julia Gillard --  the flame-haired  left-wing Australian Prime minister -- which would put her judgement in even more serious question and could even threaten her political future.

Matthews plays the race card

"It appears that unless every white person in this country votes for Barack Obama next November, Chris Matthews will believe it's because they're racist,"  writes Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters.  "On this weekend's syndicated program bearing his name," adds Sheppard, "Matthews smelled racism in the declining number of whites supporting the President."
Of course the only racism was  from Matthews himself , who preferred the knee-jerk white-liberal  "racist" meme over the  far more  obvious non-racist  explanation:  Obama's failure of leadership.

Hurricane Irene devastates LC estate

Hurricane Irene ripped mercilessly through the LC's estate disturbing some leaves and sending  several small  twigs plunging to the ground. The LC and his family crouched, frozen with fear, inside Chateau LC as winds gusting up to a terrifying 5mph. ruffled the tails and manes of the horses outside. Thank God President Obama took charge of the Hurricane control center and single-handedly averted the greatest single catastrophe in the history of mankind.

Arrested Obama uncle asks to call White House

The Washington Times reports that an illegal immigrant from Kenya named  Onyango Obama, 67, (said to be President Obama's uncle) was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly ramming his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts. Onyango  Obama, was charged with DUI.   When offered  the  use of  a phone to  help raise bail, he allegedly said: "I think I will call the White House."

America's deficit: amazing picture

Hurricane of Debt revealed
The eye of America's $4 trillion hurricane of debt has finally been tracked down to  the White House in Washington D.C. Here it is in a photograph (right)  taken from the International Space Station.

World's oldest woman turns 115

Jane Fonda

The world's oldest woman  is celebrating her 115th birthday, reports the NY Daily  News.


Obama takes charge at hurricane command center

Obama takes charge at FEMA
AFP reports US President Barack Obama warned that the US east coast was in for a "long 72 hours" as he led his government's response to Hurricane Irene at a disaster command center in Washington, D.C.

Europe's wretched failure

I highly recommend this  insightful piece by The Australian's Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, on the decline and fall of Europe's welfare states.

US takes out al-Qaeda's No.2

Atiya Abd al-Rahman, Al-Qaeda's No. 2,   reported killed  in Waziristan as 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

Cartoonist of the Day: Rick McKee

Don Surber has this  perfectly-timed cartoon  from the Augusta Chronicle's  Rick McKee.


Wall Street flees Hurricane Hype

Ferrari Friday
Wall Streeters leave early for the weekend after Mayor Bloomberg warned of possible flooding in lower Manhattan from Hurricane Hype.

Annoyingly cheerful? There's a pill for that

Still cheerful despite the quake and Irene?  The Onion has the cure. You might want to send some to those insufferably cheerful  weather forecasters at your local TV station.

Jobs, jobs and Jobs

Chris Wysocki has his weekly Obama Jobs Report.  No,  not that Jobs, silly.

It's Ron who's in the torture business

Ron Reagan,  the apple who fell so incredibly  far from the tree, is pure torture to listen to.

Cartoonist of the Day: Glenn Foden

Glenn Foden reckons Irene may have a silver lining for President Obama.

Inflation much?

Investors' response to hints of more money printing? Gold has rebounded  to $1800 an ounce.

Heckuva job, Barry!

Keith Koffler, who has been watching events at the Vineyard with a jaundiced eye, reports that the President has now decided that he is going to cut short his vacation.
First of all Michelle and kids were going to stay and fly back later in a separate plane, at yet more thousands in cost to taxpayers. But guess what?  Our decisive leader changed his  mind  yet again and they will all take one flight (AF1 alone costs about $250,000 an hour plus helicopter rides at both ends).

Forward, no, back! Forward! Back!

Joe Biden  (right) told journalists today that the economy needs more stimulation. Ben Bernanke hinted the same at Jackson Hole.   Biden said that the decision that the US would block  an order for 66 F16s for Taiwan  was not "final" . Yet the Taiwanese Defense Ministry had  already said they were "so disappointed" in the US decision.  I believe the Taiwanese Defense Ministry. Judge for yourself  The order would have created thousands of jobs.
 I think we are  hearing the screech of brakes from the Administration and the sound of  the transmission  being slammed into reverse. Dither, dither. More stimulus after the fist one failed utterly. An opportunity for thousands of jobs refused,  then accepted,   simultaneously upsetting both China and Taiwan. O must Go!

Looney Libs

"Irene? Blame it on fracking."

Do-little stays for another round of golf

As prudent vacationers and  vulnerable residents flee to the mainland ahead of the storm,  President Do-little and his family are in no hurry to leave Martha's Vineyard. And why should they?  Since when was it the President's job to lead? He's managed three years without doing so. Why start now? There's another round of golf to play and Marine One will be there to pluck him to safety.

Hunker down! Hurricane Barack is coming

The past quarter's economic growth has been revised down  from 1.3% to 1% -- a level that  usually indicates the start of a recession. The  unknown cost of Obama care hovers like a buzzard over the job market.


VIDEO: ‘Herman Cain Stands With Us’

VIDEO: ‘Herman Cain Stands With Us’
h/t The Other McCain

Perry Gallups ahead

Perry leads
Texas Governor Rick Perry has now taken a commanding lead among Republican presidential candidates, according to Gallup's latest poll.

Now THIS is breaking news

Chris Wysocki at WyBlog has breaking news from Afghanistan.

Great Sayings of the Left

"To create jobs, first destroy them."
Drawing by alagram: Blogs please link

O's nosedive

This and more at The Looking Spoon

Mass job destruction: Obama shoots down huge F16 deal

Shooting down jobs 
"President Obama has decided not to sell Taiwan the 66 F-16′s it has requested, according to reports, despite support in Congress for the sale and the prospect that the move would create thousands of jobs, reports Keith Koffler at the White House Dossier
" The thing about bad guys that Obama has never understood is that they do not respond to appeasement," adds Koffler.  "They instead will respect tough policies. It’s just a totally different frame of mind than that of, say, Winston Churchill, whose Oval Office bust Obama gave back the the British. The approach was signaled by Obama’s early ambition to make friends with the likes of Ahmadinejad and Chavez."
 And that worked so well. 

All you need to know about Obamacare

Hat tip: Gumbo


The LC was shaken but not stirred

The vast LC estate is only about 50 miles from the epicenter of the 5.9 magnitude Virginia quake. The house shook, the LC was woken from his post-prandial snooze. The dogs barked, the hummingbirds continued flitting  around their feeders  and the horses  continued grazing undisturbed. No damage, thank goodness.

What was unfair about the Fairness Doctrine

Chris Wysocki celebrates the end of the Fairness Doctrine.


The problem blacks have with Obama

In a fascinating analysis, Star Parker, herself black, explains the painful conflicts that a failing black president creates for African-Americans.  Read it all.


A financial reckoning is upon us and that's GOOD news

Australian  senator Cory Bernardi sees financial upheaval,  reckoning and reformation  looming for the world, but finds comfort in the  inevitable return to conservative  values that  will follow,  bringing happier,  more fulfilling and contented  lives.  More 

Prof. Do-little was right, for once

He said back in  March that Gaddafi's ouster was days, away. It has been  days, but more than 100 of them.

What to do with Gaddafi

Now he's dethroned, put him on a 747,  fly him 30,000 ft over Lockerbie, and push him out the door.  Yeah, I know you can't open a door at that altitude, but a man can dream....

Professor Do-little in La-La land

Maureen Dowd now gets it: she writes in the NYT:
Americans are rattled and want action. They don’t know or care what Congress’s schedule is. They just see the president not doing anything. Cruising white Midwestern hamlets in his black bus, Obama tried to justify not calling lawmakers back to D.C. by saying they’d just continue to bicker. But what does he think they’ll do in September? The truth is, he doesn’t want them back in the capital any more than they want to be back. It would have screwed up his vacation and upset Michelle, who already feels trapped in the Washington bubble.
The LC does not begrudge the  Obamas downtime when appropriate. But it would never even occur to a  small-business owner to take a vacation if  the business were in crisis. But the President of the world's only superpower sees no problem with it.  Dangerously arrogant and aloof doesn't even begin to describe him.
(h/t Newsbusters)

Hilarious, expletive-heavy,  rant from Felonious Munk.

Notable Quote

 "Those who gave the order to murder our citizens, while hiding in Gaza, are no longer among the living "--Binyamin Netanyahu


For Obama, the game is lost

President Obama is a man who has never had to cope with failure:  Cries of  "Great job, Barry!" have followed him all the days of his life, from Hawaii  to Harvard to the White House. Now, like an overindulged child, he has  thrown down his toys in a tantrum and is blaming everyone else for his failures.
Those failures grow more catastrophic by the day.  Businesses  are frozen by the uncertainty he has bred.  Stock market investors and people still in jobs, are terrified by what is clearly another  oncoming recession, and rightly so. This time the Fed  has no ammunition to delay the inevitable. Meanwhile there is the distant thunder of  a potentially  massive economic storm in Europe.
The mood of this country could scarcely be worse. But instead of getting in front to lead, inspire, and offer  hope, Obama has chosen this critical moment to disappear on an obscenely expensive vacation. Why?  He has already played the Hope and Change cards. He knows the game is lost.

The liberal roots of the riots

Burning questions
Good sense, as always, from Janet  Daley at the Telegraph: "... the great tacit agreement which once held civic life together has been deliberately blown apart. There was a time within living memory when all reasonable grown-ups were considered to be on the same side. Parents, teachers, police, judges, politicians – decent citizens of every station and calling – formed an unspoken confederacy to uphold standards of behavior within their own communities. But their shared values and expectations about human conduct were systematically undermined by a post-Sixties political ideology that preached wholesale disrespect for authority, and legitimized anti-social activity in the name of protest." Read her whole column.

Why Sarah WILL run

Too scary?
Two widely-followed pundits, broadcaster Mark Levin and  former GWB adviser  Karl Rove,  both predict  that Sara Palin will run. It's now or never for our lady of Wasilla.  The real question is why would she not run? My fear is that enough people are scared of her occupying the Oval Office, to allow Obama back in by default.

Cartoonist of the Day: Ramirez

Michael Ramirez  looks at  the peril of  a second  recession  for Obama  (one O can't blame on Bush).
(via: Townhall.com)


Obamas take two planes to the Vineyard -- and we pay

President and Mrs Obama traveled in separate planes to Martha's Vineyard, costing taxpayers thousands more than if they had traveled on Air Force One together. The Obamas are entitled to downtime. But two planes?  An arrogant  waste of  a money and an insult to the many who can't afford a vacation this year.

US and Britain to date other countries

The  UK's Daily Mash  satirizes the "special relationship."


Cartoonist of the Day

Glenn McCoy is our choice for today.
(hat tip: Town Hall )

Long and Whiny Road

Thanks Newsbusters (see widget at left) for this hilarious link.

Obama's Syrian option

President Obama is calling on Syria's Assad, to step down.  Perhaps if O were to  set an example by  stepping down himself, Assad might follow. O how I wish...


Michelle Malkin  has some great Photoshopped mockery of O (he who must GO)


" So it's urgent. I'll be back in 10 days"


Barack Obama: a dictionary definition


Adjective: Behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others, sometimes despite a  lack of  concrete achievements. To be  like Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama disdainful of "little blogs"

 Could anything be more patronizing?  Obama said this in an Iowa  speech in which he  belittled  the whole blogosphere: 

"It used to be that everybody was sitting there watching Walter Cronkite, now everybody is on their own little blog or on their own separate news forum. If you're a Democrat you're reading the New York Times, if you're a Republican, you're watching Fox News. . . people don't listen to each other much."
This is total BS.  I am a conservative, I read the NYT online most days and I sift the  rest of the liberal media for gems about Dems . I never watch Fox News and, while  I do have my "little  blog,"  I make up my mind about you, Mr President,  based on your unfulfilled promises and  your  negligible record of achievement (other than debt creation.)
Mr President, seeing  since this is the land of the free (at least until you came along)  I will go on on writing  "O must GO!" until  they pry this keyboard from my hands.  You may not like it,  Mr President, but  it's called "Freedom of Speech," and you are not the only one who can be patronizing.

Billionaire Buffett wants tax hikes for 'thousandaires'

Good to see The Wall Street Journal agreeing with us about Buffett's B.S. on taxes,  Our initial post  'Secret of Buffett's low taxes'  is  here. Buffett is a brilliant investor, but  fiscal expert? Not so much.

O must GO: Even Black Caucus is 'tired of making excuses'

The Congressional Black Caucus is " tired of making excuses" for President Obama's lack of action on jobs The Washington Examiner reports.
Read the whole  report

Cartoonist of the Day: Chip Bok

Chip Bock is the LC's Cartoonist of the Day, with this comment on poll-leading  Texas Governor Perry.


After 'homophobes' will there soon be 'pedophobes' ?

A truly chilling post about a movement  in the psychiatric community to  encourage societal acceptance of  "minor-attracted persons"  (pedophiles)"  Don't miss the  superb reader comment from a psychiatrist.  A particularly troubling aspect is the MSM's ignoring of a startling claim that pedophilia is rife in Hollywood.
Read more

Caught them with a corndog (snigger...)

I am amazed that liberal blogs like the Daily Kos can openly wallow in sophomoric humor like these examples highlighted by Michelle Malkin. Aren't the left supposed to be urban  sophisticates?  Instead we see a bunch of sniggering adolescents.

Perry leaps ahead in GOP race

Rasmussen is reporting a big poll breakthrough for Texas Governor Rick Perry: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%

The secret of Buffet's low taxes

"Our favorite holding period is forever," Warren Buffett has said many times.  An investment with a holding period of forever incurs a capital gains tax of 0%, while all along the holder can be getting wealthy from appreciation.  That's the real reason Mr. Buffet does not pay a lot of income taxes.  Read more

Cartoonist of the Day: Ramirez

Click here to see Michael Ramirez on an economy weighed down by Obaminations


Calling Buffett's bluff

Warren Buffett, in The New York Times, called for a higher taxes on the mega-rich like himself. Warren, what are you waiting for? An invoice? Get out your checkbook now and donate a few billion to the US Treasury or the IRS. Why wait? I'm sure they won't turn it away. Oh, and remember not to claim  a tax deduction on it as a  charitable donation, there's a  good  multi-billionaire.

O is so over

"There is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed."  President Obama said in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, today.  He's right for once. All it'll take is for him to step down. O is so Over.

O must GO: approval rating hits a new low

The former Superman seems to have overdosed on kryptonite, the latest Gallup poll shows.


Tone-deaf diplomat infuriates Tamils

The United States has apologized for controversial remarks made by a US vice consul who spoke of India's  Tamils as "dark and dirty",  the US consulate   later issued a statement saying the comment was "inappropriate." "Inappropriate?" How about  aloof and  tone deaf?  Who are these supposedly professional diplomats representing to the world?    Oh...wait: " Tone deaf and  aloof, " who  in our leadership could  that possibly  reflect?   Read the whole  report.


Rick's in-- now spare us more Yankee cliches

Rick Perry
Now Rick Perry is running for President,  please spare Texas  even more Yankee cliches, pleads this Texan. Plus there is some interesting background on this leading  GOP contender. Perry for  President has a nice ring to it. Perry/ Bachmann would make  a powerful ticket.

'O must GO!': the Doomsday Scenario

The world is heading into its worst crisis in decades. Europe is in a catastrophic  financial state, facing monumental bailouts of  Greece, Ireland and Portugal, with French banks  more wobbly by the day, and Spanish and Italian economies  next in line to crumble.  Crippled by its own  massive  deficit and the threat of another credit downgrade, the US can do little to help.
 The Euro seems doomed to break up, which will tilt the world back into recession. But this time it will be a much worse and longer lasting recession,  because  the Fed has already  squandered all its  stimulus ammunition and Obama won't cut taxes on small businesses  to encourage more hiring, or remove the  shadow of Obamacare that makes businesses fearful of employing new workers
By incredible ill-fortune --at this most critical of moments-- the Free World is led by President Obama, a  man who has lost  all credibility, who is paralyzed  by indecision and is unable to act forthrightly. We are facing a doomsday scenario with a remote, ineffectual academic in charge,  a passionless leader who is already  proven to wilt under pressure. Only we can save ourselves: if enough of us demand that  'O must GO!' -- often enough and loudly enough -- we will make it so. O must GO!

Riots: one cop's week in Hell

London's burning
Don't miss this compelling anonymous blog of one cop's  terrifying days in the teeth of the  London riots.

Post-great Britain

I've been  waiting impatiently for the incomparable Mark Steyn to hold forth on the London riots: here's a taste:
Big Government means small citizens: it corrodes the integrity of a people, catastrophically. Within living memory, the city in flames on our TV screens every night governed a fifth of the Earth's surface and a quarter of its population. When you're imperialists on that scale, there are bound to be a few mishaps along the way. But nothing the British Empire did to its subject peoples has been as total and catastrophic as what a post-great Britain did to its own. Read the whole column

'O must GO!': The audacity of nothing

What happened to Obama?  Absolutely nothing.
He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president, says this devastating indictment by Norman Podhoretz in The Wall Street Journal.

Rick Perry, climate skeptic, heats up libs

You can almost hear the readers of The Guardian, London's liberal newspaper, choking on their organic  herbal tea,  as they read  that Rick Perry, a climate-change skeptic, is throwing his hat into the Presidential ring.
Rick  Perry
"Perry calls global warming 'all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight,' ” says The Guardian adding, condescendingly: "The climate sceptics can finally get excited about the 2012 election."
Have a nice riot.

'O must GO!': as more insanity awaits

Chris Wysocki at Wyblog is feeling cynical. He says: "Every week, yes folks every single week from now on, President Obama is going to deliver new ideas to create jobs. It's The Idea Of The Week Club! I know he's just getting started, but let's see what this week's ideas are...."  Read the whole piece

Beware of bloody bureaucrats, mate

Australia,  despite its paltry 16 million people  in a land  the size of the USA, is the most urbanised nation on earth and the perfect  environment  for  people who idolize  the natural world,  but have never been mugged by its realities. Greens, if you like.
In spite of Australia’s  negligible  global contribution  to so-called greenhouse gases and their alleged role in  global warming or ‘climate change’  Prime Minister Julia Gillard,  is hell-bent on imposing  a carbon-dioxide tax, at vast cost to the country in higher electricity costs and export prices.  Meanwhile,  an environmental  "consulting"  group advising  her  Labor government  has come up with a new  warming villain: not carbon dioxide, but the camel.

More than a million  wild camels roam the Outback, descendants of dromedaries  imported more than a century ago as beasts of burden. They  live off  otherwise inedible vegetation and occasionally  expel  a puff of methane (a minor 'greenhouse' gas).  The  “consultants”  solution to this  is simple: Kill all million of them. Herd them together, slaughter them, and finally pick off any strays by shooting  them from helicopters.
Before I continue I must declare an interest: I once went on an afternoon’s  trek through the outback on domesticated camels, with my wife Hilary and  two young daughters. Awesome!  It seemed like riding on Mars: completely silent, virgin red-orange sand underfoot, nothing  man made in sight, not even an aircraft con-trail  to blemish the amethyst sky;  just the  four of us, our guide, and the  occasional sound of  a camel biting off  a mouthful of  scrub as we padded  through  the desert enjoying the easy rolling motion of the beasts.
The reason for the boat-like ride, we learned, is that camels move  their left legs together, then their right legs, like  a pacing  horse,  or a giraffe. Camels groan a lot which can make them seem  surly,  “It’s  just their way of being sociable”, our guide smiled. They are  easily steered with  a rope  attached to a plug in the outer wall one  nostril.  When well trained, on the command “Hoosh!”, they  kneel  at both ends, you  climb on board, wrap one leg around the saddle horn, take the nose rope in one hand, then  they stand up.  Find me a horse that will do that.

As you will have noticed by now, I like camels.  So you  bloodthirsty consultants  and your tree-hugging fellow travelers l will say only this: Leave those camels alone. By slaughtering them, you will set a ghastly precedent. Eco-psychopaths who are even more extreme than you, will arise: see  all of you, as useless generators of greenhouse gas, herd  you together and slaughter you. You have been warmed.


More join the call: 'O must GO!'

Jeffrey  Kuhner at the Washington Times joins the growing  campaign: "O must GO!"
Read more


"Carter? At least he could run a farm"

'O must GO!': Now appeals court slaps down Obamacare mandate

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday that President Barack Obama's healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional,  Reuters reports. The U.S. Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, found that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring Americans to buy coverage.

'O must GO' latest: Consumer sentiment worst in 30 years

U.S. consumer sentiment dropped to its lowest point in more than three decades as fears of a stalled recovery combined with despair over government policies, a Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan survey shows.

'O Must GO!': more media join the call

In  Investors Business Daily Doug MacKinnon  has the guts to ask  straight out: Isn't it time for  President Obama to resign, for the sake of his country?  One honorable solution he says,   would be for VP Joe Biden to quit,  for Obama to appoint  a suitable VP  successor, then for Obama himself to resign.
Read MacKinnon's whole piece here.


Obama-style 'balanced' approach gets a fiery reception

It's a much-overlooked fact  that Britain's deficit reduction program was Obama-like in its " balanced" approach,  in addition to  spending cuts, they  raised  capital  gains tax from 18% to 28%,  and VAT (national sales tax)  from 17.5% to 20%.  This was so popular  that  in major cities countrywide,  the Brits have been gathering in the streets to rejoice  and  light fires to celebrate their good fortune.

Riots: Liberals call banks to account

The Guardian, that bastion of British progressives  has a predictable explanation for the UK riots. It was  the greedy bankers wot did it. Of course!  How could we have missed that? By  looting flatscreen TVs, smartphones and sneakers, but leaving bank branches alone, the rioters are teaching those greedy bankers a lesson they will never forget.

Drool Britannia

Another great analysis of Britain's  rioters.


The ugly truth behind the British riots

This is by far  the best piece I have read on the British riots; a sample:
 It no longer feels as if we live in a civilised country. The cause of the riots is the looters; opportunistic, greedy, arrogant and amoral young criminals who believe that they have the right to steal, burn and destroy other people’s property. There were no extenuating circumstances, no excuses. The context was two-fold: first, decades of failed social, educational, family and microeconomic policies, which means that a large chunk of the UK has become alienated from mainstream society, culturally impoverished, bereft of role models, permanently workless and trapped and dependent on welfare or the shadow economy.
Read more

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Gold Bug Day

Gold has just broken through $1800. I see it at $2000+ very soon.  But beware.... they were talking about gold on NBC's Today this morning.  Soon the newsweeklies will have gold bars on their covers, and full-blown mania will begin.

Michelle O: No-show at Dover

Keith Koffler makes an outstanding point today. Why did Michelle Obama  not interrupt her vacation when the SEAL dead came home?

'O must GO!': War casualties escalate

Reason.com has a fascinating piece on the Peace Movement and the easy ride it is giving Obama. Casualties are far higher under Obama than under Bush.
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'O must GO' now most of US agrees

Who knew! Our week-old  'O must GO' campaign has engulfed the whole country so quickly.


Bachmann and The Beast

Tina Brown, editor of  Newsweek, clearly doesn't learn from her mistakes. I thought she had reached an  all-time low when she ran an undead Princess Diana photoshopped walking in the street alongside Kate Middleton. Now Brown  is running a hideously unflattering  cover of  Michele Bachmann, which actually says more about Brown than it does about Bachmann. Brown's online publication The Beast, which was merged with Newsweek, is the most aptly named publication of all time, even if  the name was derived from the Evelyn Waugh novel, Scoop. These grotesque covers draw  news coverage, but for a once-reputable publication like Newsweek, such coverage  is pure poison.

'O Must GO': Some Dems ask: Would Hillary have been better?'

President Barack Obama is facing mounting doubts within his own party about his re-election prospects, with fellow Democrats beginning to ask if Hillary Clinton would have made a better president, says Alex Spillius in The Telegraph.

AOL stock drops 27 %

AOL/ Huffington Post stock has dropped ~27%. That  couldn't  have something to do with conservative turncoat Huffington, could it?  Surely not.

O must GO: Rep. Burgess sees possible impeachment

Impeaching President Barack Obama “needs to happen,” Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) told a local tea party group, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. He said whether or not there were legal grounds for impeachment it would "tie things up" and prevent Obama from pursuing his agenda.

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Powerless and irresolute: 'O must GO' (part 3)

  More reasons that O must GO:
"The most powerful man in the world seems strangely powerless, and irresolute, as larger forces bring down the country and his presidency, says Dana Milbank in the Washington Post. "The economy crawls, the credit rating falls, the markets plunge, and a helicopter packed with U.S. special forces goes down in Afghanistan. Two thirds of Americans say the country is on the wrong track (and that was before the market swooned), Obama’s approval rating is 43 percent, and activists on his own side are calling him weak."


 "Repeat after me: 'O... must... GO' 
Doesn't that feel better?"


One more reason 'O must GO'

 As if to reinforce my assertion in the post  below that Obama is way out of his depth and should quit, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin had this to say about the "horrifyingly bad" speech, which was supposed to  rally the nation at a critical moment today:

He was a half hour late. His head turned from side to side as if he were attending a tennis match. He practically never looked in the camera, as if he were averting our gaze. And those were the strong parts of President Obama’s disastrous speech.
It was a bit like a slow-motion car crash. After a while, one stopped listening to the blather and simply watched the stock ticker go down and down. And down some more....
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Events are spinning out of control. The Dow is down  another ~600 points today on huge volume, gold has smashed through  the $1700 level, S&P have now downgraded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, extremely serious questions are being raised about the SEAL catastrophe. The nation desperately  needs real leadership. Obama's 1pm statement simply accelerated the Wall Street rout. The Fed has essentially run out of ammunition.The President is clearly out of his depth and has lost all credibililty. Enough.  In the national interest it is time for him to step down. 

SEAL disaster: more crucial questions

Following  my  post yesterday (below) here's an even more disturbing report:  This is a major scandal in the making.


Deeply disturbing questions raised by the SEAL disaster

There are  deeply  disturbing questions raised by  the the SEAL disaster. Even the SEALs very  existence is normally played down. Their use as a rapid reaction force inserted  by  a huge and vulnerable Chinook helicopter to help soldiers in midst  of battle was apparently almost unprecedented and extremely dangerous. Result: the loss of  nearly 10 percent of the Navy's most skilled fighters. SEAL's exhaustive training  and that of their pilots is  for covert operations. Confidentiality about the exact circumstances of combat death is an accepted part of their role. Why reveal publicly  that SEALs were involved at all, giving the Taliban a huge propaganda bonus and morale boost? Above all, why was it originally  revealed at all that SEAL Team Six  killed Bin Laden,  unnecessarily making them and their families potential targets? The nation and the grieving families deserve prompt  answers from the White House, whose credibility is at stake.


China warns of US debt 'addiction'

 China's Xinhua news agency  says:" Many outside the United States believe the credit rating cut is an overdue bill that America has to pay for its own debt addi(c)tion and the short-sighted political wrangling in Washington...." The official news agency  said China  had "every right" to demand Washington address its structural debt problems and safeguard Chinese dollar assets.


Update: US credit downgraded to AA+

This updates the earlier post below. S&P did go ahead and downgrade US debt to AA+  from AAA on concerns that measures to reduce the nation's deficit had not gone far enough.

US downgrade halted by error warning

A mathematical error discovered late Friday by Treasury Department officials has delayed a planned Standard & Poor’s  downgrade of the top-notch AAA credit rating the U.S. has held for 70 years says a Wall Street Journal blog. The downgrade may still proceed.


"Employment is my top priority. My employment."

Left laments Obama 'betrayal'

Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington said on MSNBC that nobody believes the President's top priority is jobs - it's getting reelected, according to Newsbusters 
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Dow plummets 500 points, worst day since 2008

The Dow has added another 100 point drop since my earlier post below. Even gold has taken a hammering as investors seek cash to cover other obligations. This has been the worst single day drop since 2008. A horror show: so much for Odrama's "stimulation."

Think Obama's a shoo-in? Think again

Many Democrats have been deluding themselves that President is certain to win reelection. Don't buy into it, concludes an interesting Politico analysis of his chances 2012.

More hopey-changey stuff: Dow dives 400 points

Stockmarkets showed again today what they think of US economic prospects in Obama's final year. The DOW dropped another 400 points.


Odrama does it! Debt crashes through 100% of GDP

The USA crashed through the 100% of GDP debt barrier immediately after President Obama signed the raised debt ceiling into law Tuesday and the Treasury was able to settle a pent-up up flood of obligations. The US is now in the same territory as Italy's and Belgium's debt as a percentage of the national economy.

White House 'bitter, crass and petty'

Joe Biden, with his reported comments on the Tea Party 'acting like terrorists', has brought the office of the vice president into disrepute, says the Telegraph's Nile Gardiner. "His actions... are of a White House that increasingly looks bitter, crass and petty in its behaviour as public opinion moves firmly against it. Biden’s outburst is a sign of the Left’s growing desperation 30 months into the Obama administration, and only further reinforces the image of decline and decay sinking in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." Read more


Stocks dive again over stalling economy

More hopey-changey  stuff: U.S. stocks fell Tuesday, driving the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to its longest slump since October 2008, after an unexpected drop in consumer spending added to concern that growth in the world’s largest economy is faltering, Business Week reports

Hacking arrest of former colleague

British police have arrested another suspect in the News of the World  hacking scandal,  former  Managing Editor Stuart Kuttner.
Kuttner, sad to say, was a colleague of mine when he was the hard-driving and talented News Editor of the London Evening Standard, a paper that  (in those days, at least) had  impeccable ethical standards under the widely-respected editorship of Charles Wintour, father of Anna Wintour, now editor of Vogue.



 "We won! No you didn't. We won..."

Tea Party acted like terrorists, says Biden

Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in attacking Tea Party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having “acted like terrorists” in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit, according to PoliticoBiden was agreeing with a line of argument made by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) at a two-hour, closed-door Democratic Caucus meeting. Read more