Christie plumps for Trump

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lent his  weight to Donald Trump, at a Trump rally, in Fort Worth, Texas, Saturday, fueling speculation over a possible vice-presidential deal, which Christie denies


Trumpnado sweeps onwards

Mitt Romney won Nevada's caucus ins 2012 with about 50 percent of the vote. He did so by pulling in roughly 16,000 total votes – roughly the same number that second-place finisher Marco Rubio pulled in this year. Donald Trump, by contrast, more than doubled Romney's total, garnering 34,500 votes, reports the Weekly Standard


The Clinton Chronicles: Bill's late for dinner

Even in the seclusion of our Chappaqua  home we can't escape the prying eyes and ears of Secret Service agents who loiter on our street in a 'cable' van and delight  in leaking cheap gossip about everyday life at  Chez Clinton and our supposed fondness for cusswords, speaking of which: "Is that you, Bill? Maria's gone home and I'm not f____ing cooking for you.  You'll have to order in from the Kittle House..."


The Clinton Chronicles: Cussword puzzle

Another Secret Service crap merchant has climbed on the publishing bandwagon to unleash yet more lies about  and me and Bill over our alleged haughtiness and excessive use of cusswords, while we were in the White House.
" Get out of my way, now F__off... you lying traitors," is all I have to say about that.


The flying Diary of Donald J.Trump

Dictated aboard my  Boeing 757: My threatened boycott of the Iowa debate was a masterstroke, more effective than even I had dreamed  it would be.  Now all eyes are on me, me, me. and even the unions are reportey fearful that I will draw some of their membership into my hungry maw.  The Granite state has crowned me king of the GOP
Let trumpets sound! I am White House bound!


Nanny Bloomberg 'has billion-dollar war chest'

The multi-billionaire  is reportedly ready to spend  $1 billion on  a presidential bid.  [More]


Stars protest lack of black Dungie nominees

The Academy of Dung Beetles has resolved to diversify its membership  immediately, in the wake of protests over the all-white list of nominees for the 1915  Dung Beetle Awards.  "The fact is, there are only so may slots and very few white dung beetles," said Academy spokesbeetle, Scarab Roller.


Clinton Chronicles: Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble

Yikes!  I am reminded of my role as Third Witch in my  high-school's production of Macbeth. As if Bernie Sanders weren't trouble enough...Something wicked this way comes: Sarah Palin is now endorsing Trump.

Barack Obama's Diary: OK mate, you can have a few bloody minutes of my time

I have a meeting this morning with Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and I have been practising my Australian folk ballads, to ensure he feels relaxed and at home, the bloody savage.
"Waltzing Esmeralda, Waltzing Esmeralda.... Won't you come a Waltzing Esmeralda with me...?"  I warbled.
Turnbull was unimpressed. So  at the photo-op, I gave him the "loyal ally, with a small population which punches above its weight" routine which always goes down  well with home audiences, or so my ambassadors tell me. By now Turnbull had exhausted my patience, so I dismissed him curtly from the Oval Office: " OK. you can hop off now, bloody Ozzie."


The Clinton Chronicles: A Third Degree Bern

Note to self: We gotta get some dirt on Bernie Sanders, As Bill  has often said: " You can't fight dirty if you don't get some dirt to throw."


Barack Obama's Diary: The wonderful State of Me

It's State of the Union time again, when I am liberated to speak about all things Me, Mine, to trumpet My extraordinary, history-making achievements, about how I have spread peace and goodwill across the Earth, leaving only a few coins as a gratuity.  And then, of course, those pesky Iranians had to steal My thunder by impounding two small navy boats just as I was gearing up for My moment  in the global spotlight.