The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy  of Dung Beetles has dropped its nauseating  Dungie Award on the Milwaukee Art Museum  for acquiring a portrait of Pope Emeritus Benedict, made out of 17,000 non-lubricated condoms, by artist Niki Johnson,  who told WITI television in Milwaukee: "What I did was inter-stuffed them and folded them in order to create the tonal range I wanted."   More  [ECS]

Nuclear war looms again

A nuclear conflict with Russia is likelier than you think, writes Max Fisher.  "It was in August 2014 that the real danger began, and that we heard the first warnings of war. That month, unmarked Russian troops covertly invaded eastern Ukraine, where the separatist conflict had grown out of its control. The Russian air force began harassing the neighboring Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which are members of NATO. The US pledged that it would uphold its commitment to defend those countries as if they were American soil, and later staged military exercises a few hundred yards from Russia's border...." Read it all



Scathing Scalia says Supremes are 'threatening our democracy'

In his fiery dissent to the monumental same-sex marriage ruling that legalizes gay marriage in all fifty states, Justice Antonin Scalia warns that the Supreme Court has become a "threat to American democracy."
"I join THE CHIEF JUSTICE’s opinion in full. I write separately to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy," he declared in the first line of his dissent. Though he said that the particular substance of  the ruling is "not of immense personally importance" to him, it raises an issue of "overwhelming importance: "Who it is that rules me." Accusing the other justices of "constitutional revision," Scalia said the decision ultimately "robs" the people of the "freedom to govern themselves"


Ted Cruz sez...

 "These are some of the darkest 24 hours in the nation’s history.” Ted Cruz told Sean Hannity that the Supreme Court rulings from both yesterday and today were “naked and shameless judicial activism.”
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Loonie lefties [2]

Dr. Ashwini Tambe, associate professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland, who has called for “men control,” bashed Rush Limbaugh, and wants women studies taught in high schools. Tambe, whose faculty profile says her major areas of research include “transnational feminist theory” and “sexuality studies,” has weighed in on a variety of national conversations during her time in the Twitterverse.

Ted sez: 'Americans don't trust Obama'

The American people do not trust President Obama.  And they do not trust Republican leadership in Congress.  And the reason is simple: for far too long, politicians in Washington have not told the truth, says Senator Ted Cruz.
Both President Obama and Republican leadership are pressing trade promotion authority, also known as TPA, or “fast-track.” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)9%
 and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)2%
 both oppose it.
"As a general matter, I agree (as did Ronald Reagan) that free trade is good for America; when we open up foreign markets, it helps American farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers.
"But TPA in this Congress has become enmeshed in corrupt Washington backroom deal-making, along with serious concerns that it would open up the potential for sweeping changes in our laws that trade agreements typically do not include.  [ECS]

Loonie Lefties: Prof. refused to have white children

A white Ivy League professor has taken to the pages of the Huffington Post to declare that she chose never to reproduce because her children would  inherit white privilege.
Ali Michael, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, was prompted to write by the Rachel Dolezal saga, in which the head of Spokane’s NAACP branch was revealed to be a white woman who simply identifies as black and has assimilated into black culture. Dolezal’s aspiration to forsake whiteness and embrace a new race, Michael says, is actually a routine one among whites who are "repulsed by the racism and privilege they see all around them."
Michael says that, like Dolezal, she has gone through an extensive phase of trying to eradicate her whiteness (or as she calls it, Whiteness)– one so severe that she decided she didn’t want to reproduce.
“I sometimes don’t want to be white either,” Michael says. “There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors… and my descendants. I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.”


VA backlog soars-- thanks, Obama

Trust the Obama Administration to make something bad much worse:  One year after outrage about long waiting lists for health care shook the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency is facing a new crisis: The number of veterans on waiting lists of one month or more is now 50 percent higher than it was during the height of last year’s problems, department officials say. [More]   [BJS]

Threat to US 'highest ever'

Devin Nunes, the House intel chair, appearing on Face the Nation, said the nation faces “the highest threat level we have ever faced in this country” due to the flow of foreign fighters to and from Iraq and Syria and the radicalization of young people on the Internet.
There are a number of factors: FBI investigations in each of the 50 states. Youth are being seduced online.  The FBI is having a tough time tracking terror cells in the United States. [More]

Hey, Hilllary: Beware of Bernie!

 It may be time for Hillary Clinton to take the challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders more seriously.  Sanders is surging in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.
The Vermont Independent has drawn huge crowds of supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and pulled within striking distance of Clinton in some Granite State polls.
“This is not a protest campaign,” Sanders declared at a breakfast with reporters in Washington last week. “This is a campaign to win.”
He’s also a powerful presence on social media, where supporters are eager to share news about his campaign.
 Clinton remains the runaway favorite, the strength of Sanders’s challenge — particularly in the states hosting the first two nominating contests — is starting to get attention.   Read ir all.


Barack Obama's Diary: How I outwitted Michelle

Dear Diary: "There you are, Barry," said Val Jarrett as she discreetly handed me a small package from Nordstrom. As the daily presidential  briefing began, I peeped inside and saw a tube of  anti-
wrinkle serum, just as I had requested. I ducked into the former Clinton masturbatorium and put the package on a high shelf out of sight of Michelle, who will taunt me with cries of "Barry, you poof!" if she finds it. Nobody knows the troubles I've seen in my simple attempt to keep  looking young  enough for my master plan, to succeed Ban-Ki-Moon as UN Secretary-General, after I quit the White House.


Barack Obama's Diary: Ack! Michelle catches me red-handed

Dear Diary: While roaming the Internet I came across a report from a man who used his wife's anti-wrinkle cream to keep himself looking younger. "Brilliant!" I thought -- the perfect way to keep looking young enough to be appointed UN Secretary-General when my White House term expires. I searched Michelle's nightstand for the concoction she applies to her wrinkles before sleep.  Michelle walked in and caught me red-handed.  "Barry!" she exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing? That cream costs a fortune, you old poof. I thought you were over your Bathhouse Barry days."
Awkwaard. I put the jar back and resolved to ask Valerie Jarrett to buy some of  the same cream for me  on her next visit to Nordstrom in Georgetown.


Progress Notes for Patient 540463: Obama, Barack, H.

6/14/2015: The phone rang on my office desk and a familiar name was displayed, identifying the caller: V. Jarrett.
"What seeems to be the trouble, Val ?" I asked.  "Paranoia," she replied. "Can you make a house call, please, Doctor, he's bad." House calls are a flaming nuisance, but the military covers the president's medical bills and pays expeditiously...something  for which even a busy psychiatrist is grateful.
"I promise to be there within a half hour."
"I'm so grateful," she said. I immediately climbed into my new Mercedes coupe, floored the accelerator and the small turbocharged engine propelled me to the People's House within minutes, where I found Patient in his family apartment, face  down on the hideous brown sectional sofa, beating feebly at the faux velvet. "Bastards!" he said.
"Who? I asked.
 "Pelosi and the rest of those traitorous Democrats who sank my trade bill."
I injected a modest dose of Ativan into his lean and boney butt.
"He should calm down now," I told ValJar. "I'll be in my guest room downstairs, if I'm needed during the night." Dictated by S.H.Rink, MD.


Barack Obama's Diary: doe ray me, so far, so good

Dear Diary: Shhhh! everybody quiet! The hills are alive with the whispers of traitorous Democrats handing me a resounding defeat on my brilliant Trade Agreement. Bastards!  I'm just hoping that no-one much will notice, apart from Chuck Todd, and no-one watches him, anyways.

Cartoon: Rick McKee

[The Augusta Chronicle]


Barack Obama's Diary: 'Oh, what a clever boy am I'

This has been one of  those days when I indulge myself  in a session in front of a mirror, smiling at myself in a sly, self-congratulatory way. What I have achieved is to put some 500 more boots on the ground in Iraq, under the guise of "trainers" of Iraqi troops. Of course, the training consists  of bird-shot  shells fired at Iraqi butts when they begin to break ranks in the face of ISIL. This discourages further panic and even a full Iraqi retreat. With a modicum of luck I can get a couple thousand more US "trainers" over there without Congress even noticing.


Barack Obama's Diary: I am not as drunk as some thinkle may peep I am

Angular Merkel,  whom I suspect is still pissed off about her phone being tapped,  hosted a beer and wurst breakfast for me this morning. Deshpite what some are shaying, I was perrfec...perfec..perfectly shober as I was driven  away.  Man, that German ale packs a punch.


Ted Cruz sez...

"Right now we have a photo-op foreign policy. Drop a bomb here, a missile there. You know, the radicals say they reject modernity, GREAT! We need to send them back to the Stone Age.
How do you do that? You need a Commander-in-Chief who lays out a clear objective: We are not going to weaken, we are not going to degrade, we are not going to pinprick ISIS.
We are going to DESTROY THEM. We are going to make it so if you join ISIS, you are signing your death certificate!"   Read more:

Cartoon: Gary McCoy

[Cag]e Cartoons]