$5 billion MORE for Obama's green shredding machine

The Energy Department has approved four more solar energy loan guarantees worth nearly $5 billion, hours before a controversial loan program was set to expire. The timing  is an affront to all  taxpayers, coming just as the Justice Department was moving to take away control of failed solar panel maker Solyndra from its management and transfer it to a court-appointed trustee.  No surprise if we get burned again,  for $5 billion this time.

Cartoonist of the Day: Chip Bok

[ via Townhall]

Obama fundraisers 'tied to green firms that received federal cash'

The MSM are  at last waking up to the huge  implications of Solyndra and Energygate. ABC reports:
"Several of Barack Obama's top campaign supporters went from soliciting political contributions to working from within the Energy Department as it showered billions in taxpayer-backed stimulus money on alternative energy firms, ABC News and iWatch News have learned.
 "One of them was Steven J. Spinner, a high-tech consultant and energy investor who raised at least $500,000 for the candidate. He became one of Energy Secretary Steven Chu's key loan program advisors while his wife's law firm represented a number of companies that had applied for loans." Read the full ABC report.  
     Doug Ross has been following this story  closely and has  an excellent  take on the situation here.
     With Congressional Republicans now digging into the affair, it looks like a real game-changer.


Dung Beetle Award No.2 goes to...

 Busy week for Mr Dung Beetle
The second  Dung beetle Award this week goes to Australia's  Justice Mordecai Bromberg for a  ruling that threatens free speech  in what was one of the world's most robust democracies. Mark Steyn, lucid as ever, explains the disastrous precedent this judge has set. Already the vultures of the Left are salivating, as Miranda Devine explains.

Germans bristle at Obama's 'arrogance'

Obama-- 'arrogant'
The World's Greatest Diplomat has riled another country. Spiegel reports President Obama has put  some German noses seriously out of joint by lecturing Europe on  the dangers of its debt crisis. German commentators dismissed  the remarks  as  'arrogant  and absurd.'  More here

Cartoonist of the Day: Eric Allie

[via Townhall]

Obama may be 'worst Presidential threat to liberties in our history'

President Obama may prove the most disastrous president in our history in terms of civil liberties, writes  Jonathan Turley in the LA Times.  Turley, Professor of Law at GWU,  writes:
 Ironically, had Obama been defeated in 2008, it is likely that an alliance for civil liberties might have coalesced and effectively fought the government's burgeoning police powers. A Gallup poll released this week shows 49% of Americans, a record since the poll began asking this question in 2003, believe that "the federal government poses an immediate threat to individuals' rights and freedoms." Yet the Obama administration long ago made a cynical calculation that it already had such voters in the bag and tacked to the right on this issue to show Obama was not "soft" on terror. He assumed that, yet again, civil libertarians might grumble and gripe but, come election day, they would not dare stay home.This calculation may be wrong. Read the whole thing.

Christie may run after all

Christie--'responding to pleas'
[via NY Post]
NJ Governor  Chris Christie may announce  on Monday that he is entering  the race for the Presidency, responding to pleas from eminent  Republicans, says the NY Post.

Iran to execute pastor for being Christian

"It takes no guts or brains for Hollywood liberals (hello, Alec Baldwin) and America-bashing Brit journalists (hello, U.K. Guardian editors) to bemoan the execution of a convicted Death Row cop-killer who was able to pursue every last legal avenue for more than two decades, writes Michelle Malkin. "It tells you everything about their selective outrage that they have nothing to say about the latest impending execution in Iran of a Christian pastor"  Read it all.

New study clouds climate alarm

Plants consume carbon dioxide 25% faster than previously thought, according to a new international study. Climate alarmists' whole  scientific model could be flawed. Who knew?


Our Dung Beetle Award Goes to...

...'patriotic'  billionaires 
asking for your donation
[ more at Legal Insurrection]

Facts show Obama tax claim untrue

President Obama's claim that he pays a lower tax rate than a teacher making $50,000 a year isn't true. A single taxpayer with $50,000 of income would have paid 11.9% in federal income taxes for 2010, while the Obamas paid more than twice that rate — 25.3% (and higher rates than that in 2009 and 2008). And if the $50,000-a-year teacher were in Obama's tax situation — supporting a spouse and two children — he or she would have paid no federal income taxes at all.
Read the whole article.

Cartoonist of the Day

[ via Townhall]


Australian court rules against top blogger

News from Michelle Malkin of a dismaying verdict against Andrew Bolt (see my  blog roll) Australia's pre-eminent conservative blogger. I emailed an old Sydney friend, a  veteran journalist and  a staunch conservative, about it. He writes: "The worst aspect, for me, apart from feeling utterly outraged, is that "law" deems that hurt feelings are now more important than statements of fact. Even worse, I feel fearful about the truly sinister, Orwellian implications of this decision. Hopefully Bolt will appeal."

Obama faces 'titanic struggle'

In Obama's titanic struggle 
who's going to be the iceberg?
President Barack Obama's chief political adviser David Axelrod concedes that a dark cloud looms over the American economy and Obama's  own  political future, describing the president's road to a second term in the White House as "a titanic struggle." 

BHO wins our Yikes! Prize

 Michelle Malkin  writes: "Obama told a Portland crowd over the weekend that Iran doesn’t “pose a serious threat to us”–cluelessly arguing that “tiny countries” with small defense budgets can’t do us harm."  Yikes.

Why Obama is patently wrong

President Obama's planned changes  to patent laws -- granting patents to those who are first to file rather than first to invent -- further advantages State-privileged corporations with their massive research funds and lawyers, and takes a huge step backward toward the days of patents as royal privileges.  Read more.

With Cain 'everyone gains'

Dick Morris on Herman Cain:
 "Here is a man who offers an alternative to Obama’s class warfare. His life story shows that  Obama’s route to the top — through affirmative action, community organizing, and a climb up the political ladder — is not the only one available to minorities. His combination of hard work in the private sector, entrepreneurial initiative, and managerial skill can also get you there. He embraces the successful as role models not as objects of envy. He does not hate rich people. He wants us all to become rich."


Saudi women be allowed a glimpse of normalcy

  Ladies In Black
Saudi Arabia's  women are to  be allowed a glimpse of what is normal for much of the world. King Abdullah has announced that  women will soon be able to run as candidates in municipal elections and will even (gasp!) have the right to vote in them. But, ladies in black, curb your enthusiasm, you still won't be allowed to drive.

Obama scolds blacks as his poll numbers crash through the floor

"Ya'll up there? Stop complainin', stop cryin',
and put on your marchin' shoes!" 


Florida Republicans board the Cain train

Cain -- can he do it again?
Florida has rebelled against recent trends by putting Herman Cain ahead of  Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in the  GOP straw poll. He won 37 percent of 2,600 votes..

No disputin' Mr. Putin

"Told yah"
Strongman Vladimir Putin  will soon be back as Russian President. Putin says he'll run for Russia's presidency next year, almost certainly ensuring that he'll retake the office  and rule Russia until 2024.

Obama earns lowest-ever poll approval rating

" See...you're as effective as I am"

President Obama  has received his lowest approval rating ever in The Economist/youGov poll. 
Even Democrats are hesitant to describe the President as “effective,” with only 28% of them doing so.


Dung Beetle Award goes to...

" I'd like to thank the Academy..."
This Dung Beetle Award  goes to Alec  Baldwin and his Twitter followers for their nauseating tweets  about Michelle Malkin.

Perry shot himself in the foot

Perry -- misfired
Rick Perry lost all credibility during his faltering performance at the latest GOP debate. Reaction in the conservative blogosphere to the Texas governor's performance ain't  been purty. Meanwhile,  with Romney lacking fire and charisma it's no surprise, that there is renewed pressure for chubby Christie to step up to the plate.

New EPA rule leaves asthma sufferers gasping

More 'climate-change' insanity: The EPA is to ban over-the-counter inhalers, leaving asthmatics gasping at the prospect of paying 30-60% more for "environmentally friendly" prescription inhalers.

Cartoonist of the Day

Lisa Benson via Town Hall


Fleeing Obama

Scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland say they have transmitted particles  that exceeded the speed of light.
Nah...they're just Democrats fleeing Obama.

Huge plunge in stockmaket

"Meh. That's just
Wall Street imploding"

Plunge in Obama's African-American support

"Bo, don't you dare quit"
According to a new ABC/Washington Post poll, the number of African-Americans with “strongly favorable” views of President Obama has  plunged  from 83 percent five months ago to 58 percent now.


The Marx brother

" Me?  Inept?"
At the UN, President Obama has been exceeding even his normal ineptitude,  As the Eurozone  faces the extreme financial  perils of a Greek default, the US and world economies are on the brink of a second recession, what does he do? Lectures the World on equal rights for gays, lesbians and  transgenders. And in a formally-posed group photograph with other heads of State, he waves, waves, mind you, at the camera ...something even the average grade-school student  knows not to do. The man has become a complete embarrassment to this country. 
Hillary Clinton seems to be positioning herself to  pounce when  polls put her far enough  ahead of Obama  for her to "reluctantly" run against him to prevent a Republican avalanche .  Even she would be preferable to this Marx brother. 

President Ego greets the World

Bam  making waves
President Obama makes a cringe-inducing wave in a group photograph of members of the Open Government Parnership at the UN, completely obscuring the  face of Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj. This was  both a diplomatic gaffe and plain bad manners. Bam was all about me, me, me, as usual. Full-size photograph here.
[ Image: Getty Images, via Msnbc Photoblog]

Steve Forbes: Perry will win the Presidency

Perry -- a winner?
Steve Forbes thinks Rick Perry will win the Presidency. The Laughing Conservative agrees, but the LC thought Giuliani  was a shoo-in in '98, which shows just how much use his long-term predictions are.

Palin makes surprise gain on Obama

"That hopey-changey 
stuff still workin' for ya?"
Sarah Palin -- who has not yet even declared her candidacy -- has made a startling poll gain on Barack Obama, reports the Miami Herald. After trailing Obama by more than 20 percentage points in polls all year, the new national survey, taken Sept. 13-14, found Palin trailing the  president by just 5 points, 49-44 percent. Read the full story.


Houston, we have a problem

 Gawker reports that  the second man on the Moon, 81-year-old Buzz Aldrin, has left the orbit of his wife Lois to dock with 51-year-old Michelle Sucillon. Go figure.
[Image of Buzz and Lois via Getty, Michelle via Facebook]

Sssshh! Obama's Open Partnership isn't

 Two senior officials briefed reporters on the eve of the unveiling of President Obama’s Open Government Partnership. But under rules set by the State Department, the officials could not be identified by name, AP reports

O makes another complete U

Obama's new math for dummies

Chris Wysocki explains why Obama's new math just doesn't add up:  If you earn $200,000 per year you are a millionaire


Obama advised: Withdraw from 2012 race

"It's me, run for your life!"
Bill Clinton may laugh off the idea, but Hillary would make a formidable alternative to Obama. In fact, suggests Steve Chapman at the Chicago Tribune,  Obama should make way for her and withdraw from the 2012 presidential election.

Soap and change

Squeegee men, the aggressive and sometimes sinister panhandlers who  used to wash car windows in New York whether you wanted them to, or not,  are back.  Hope and Change wiped away their regular jobs.

Rat me out, won't you

Inspired by Keith Koffler at White House Dossier,  I have installed a  convenient link  (top right) for readers to rat  me  out to the Thought Police at Attackwatch for indelicate items I post about Barack Obama.

Questionable Quotes

Words you'll never hear:

"I'm wrong"
 --Barack Obama

"Hold the fries"
 --Michelle Obama

"Why of course, Mr President" 
--  John Boehner

-- Paris Hilton


Bill laughs off Hillary 2012 challenge

"Laugh me off again and you're dead meat"
Former President Bill Clinton has laughed off  a suggestion by former Vice President Dick Cheney that  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should challenge President Barack Obama in  the 2012 Election.

Banksters flee Wall Street as protesters move in

Getting out of Dodge
More than 1,000 social media-driven protesters have descended on New York's financial district to  protest "corporate greed", forcing the NYPD to lock down Wall Street.

Time for a Day of Reckoning

"As the bad economic news continues to emanate from the United States — with a double-dip recession now all but certain — a reckoning is overdue."  A fascinating Canadian view of  Obama and the adoring mainstream media which  fueled his disastrous presidency. More here.


Honey, we shrunk the President

A new CBS News/New York poll finds that President Obama's overall approval rating has dropped to 43 percent, the lowest so far of his presidency in CBS News polling. In addition, his disapproval rating has reached an all-time high of 50 percent.

Rogue trader costs US $14 trillion

Click here to see me in action

Solargate turns up the heat on WH

The bankruptcy of Solyndra  is looking even worse  for the White [would-be Green] House.


Let them eat carrots

Michelle Malkin has sinister news about the First Lady "persuading" Darden Restaurants' Olive Garden and Red Lobster to serve low-salt, low-calorie kids meals with a side of raw vegetables, rather than fries. In a free market, businesses should put customer desires first, so I shall join others who  plan to boycott Darden restaurants from now onwards.  And good luck to customers who eat fries and try and explain to their kids why they can't have fries, too. When Darden see a hit to their bottom line, maybe they -- and other chains-- will  have second thoughts about bowing  to food fascists.

Climate bore suffocates entire globe

"We're  all doomed...doomed, I say." 
Forget global "warming." Al Gore will suck all the oxygen out of the air long before that.   More here.

Nobel physicist melts global warming claim

Greens will be browned off to learn  that  a Nobel-prize-winning physicist has quit  a top scientific group over claims made by  the group  about global 'warming'

Cartoonist of the Day: Michael Ramirez

  Michael Ramirez via Town Hall

Obama shows solidarity with Jewish voters

"Tear down this Wall, already!"


Who let the puppies out?


You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up Department : President Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Web site, AttackWatch.com  to receive reports of negative statements about the president and to challenge them. I have already heard it suggested that this is intended to intimidate bloggers and  other critics. Judging from  the above video,  it is having the reverse effect.  I reported in August what Obama thinks of "little" blogs. 

Breakthrough for Bachmann

"There's a vaccine for Foot-in-Mouth?"


Exclusive photo! History's smallest monster

Krugman (left) held by minor guru
New York Times blogger Paul Krugman refused to allow readers to comment on his cowardly verbal terror attack  on heroes of 9/11, but fellow Yale alumnus  Instapundit Glenn Reynolds pointed followers to this WSJ link where Krug The Smug is named "History's Smallest Monster." The  tiny, furry-faced and sharp-clawed Krug  [above, held by some pipsqueak economic guru] is now feeling the full backlash  from his  attack, in spite of his effort to dodge it.


Prince Charles to become bearded prophet of doom

We're doomed, I tell you!
Prince Charles, tree-hugging "green" heir to the British throne, is growing a bushy  beard, to become a full-time prophet of doom, The Daily Mash reports.

Obama casts spell to raise economy from death

Barack  Obama used powerful magic today to  convince media that he has brought the economy back from  the dead. He cast a  spell over reporters in the Rose Garden by waving  over them the pages of  an alleged "American Jobs Act," a stack of paper held together by a single bulldog clip [see above]. It was unclear if the pages inside were blank.  While it is obvious  from the screenshot that VP Joe Biden was immediately  hypnotized, it is not yet clear if  the  magic worked on all the others present.

Guffaw of the Day

"It isn’t often you hear the words “Al Gore” and “reality” in the same sentence in any place that doesn’t have straps on the beds..."
-- Doug Powers  at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Hey, Hey, EPA, How many jobs did you kill today?

As Obama  blusters  about creating jobs, the EPA is busy killing them.
[h/t memeorandum ]

Mixed messages

"Barack demanded a Bill immediately-- so here I am."

Solyndra for Dummies

Don't miss this 5-panel cartoon  guide for financial dummies, like me, that neatly  explains the Obama-inspired loss of  millions in public funds in a "green" company, Solyndra, which promptly turned belly-up.  Socialism in action.  (h/t Pajamas Media).


Caption Contest Winner

    1. Dear Leader plays Follow The Leader  [Winner:Chris Wysocki, New Jersey]
    2. "Pass this Bo!" [Runner-up: R.K., Vermont)
    3. " Bo, stop! There's enough crap flying around the White House already" [A.G., Warwickshire, UK]
    4. " Boehner ... I mean, Bo ...  Heel ! "  [M.R., New York]
    To all who entered: A warm  thank you!

Requiem in Pace

Below,  I post  a  rendition  of Mozart's Requiem  -- in which I once sang as a treble -- which tells you how long ago that was.  It is  a  moving  contrast to Nanny Bloomberg's atheist memorial.
 As for 9/11 words, I can't do better than this link to Chris Wysocki  at Wyblog who  has a powerful post and a good round-up of  Blogospheric  reaction.
"If you see a  Gibson guitar,  shoot first, ask questions afterwards."  [Drawing:  Alagram]