Outrageous: sex scandal mayor wants taxpayers to pay his legal bills

The attorney for San Diego's  mayor says the city failed to provide Mayor Bob Filner  with sexual harassment training and therefore should pay to defend him against a lawsuit by his former communications director, who alleges he asked her to work without wearing panties. More here.

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Rush: The US is 'hanging by a thread'

Cartoon: Gary McCoy

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A gift horse for Obamabots

Mass call planned for Obama impeachment

A grassroots group with thousands of members is planning nationwide protests August 6 calling for President Obama’s impeachment, White House Dossier reports. The group, “Overpasses for Impeachment,” has gained steam since launching in mid-June and now appears to have a presence in all 50 states. Scores of protests are on tap, with members taking to overpasses above major throughways during morning and afternoon rush hour brandishing signs calling for impeachment. The organizing has been done mainly via the group’s Facebook Page, which has spawned Facebook groups in all 50 states, most of which appear to have hundreds and in a couple of cases thousands of members.

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Dim Crims: Food fight

Jimmy Ray Poage, 47, was busted after he told sheriff’s deputies that he threw pizza at his girlfriend in the couple’s South Carolina home. The woman--who had pizza sauce on her face, arms, and clothes said that Poage grabbed her around the neck and slammed her into a kitchen counter. Poage admitted pelting his girlfriend with pizza, but claimed that she threw it at him first. But, while the woman’s clothing was splattered with sauce, Poage’s garments were “clear of pizza or pizza sauce,” according to a York County Sheriff’s report.


Chattanooga chews out Obama

The Chattanooga Free Press greeted the President  on his trip to the city with an editorial entitled:

Take Your Jobs Plan And Shove It Mr. President,
Your Policies Have Harmed Chattanooga Enough

"President Obama,
Welcome to Chattanooga, one of hundreds of cities throughout this great nation struggling to succeed in spite of your foolish policies that limit job creation, stifle economic growth and suffocate the entrepreneurial spirit.
Forgive us if you are not greeted with the same level of Southern hospitality that our area usually bestows on its distinguished guests. You see, we understand you are in town to share your umpteenth different job creation plan during your time in office. If it works as well as your other job creation programs, then thanks, but no thanks. We’d prefer you keep it to yourself..." Read it all.

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Outrageous: Key Senate decision made in secret

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reportedly gave its approval last week to an Obama administration plan to provide weapons to moderate rebels in Syria. There was no public debate and no open vote when one of the most contentious topics in American foreign policy was decided.  Ask individual members of the committee, who represent 117 million people in 14 states, how they stood on the plan to use the CIA to funnel weapons to the rebels and they are likely to respond with the current equivalent of “none of your business:" It’s classified. Those were, in fact, the words Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chair of the committee, used when asked a few days before the approval was granted, to clarify her position for her constituents. She declined. It’s a difficult situation, she said. And, “It’s classified.” Read it all.  [BJS]

Weiner Headline du Jour

"Hillary Clinton trying  to shake Anthony Weiner" --from The Washington Post    [BJS]

The hidden cost of NSA spying

America will pay a scary price for abuses by the NSA. Why were U.S. authorities in a position to get at so much of the world's digital data in the first place? Because so many of the world's customers have trusted U.S.-based firms like Google, Yahoo, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, with their data; and because so many of the world's nations have tolerated an info-infrastructure in which an outsized share of data flows at some point through U.S. systems. Those are the conditions of trust and toleration that likely will change. Read more.  [BJS]

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The cover we'll never see

The actor James Woods tweeted this 'Rolling Stone cover we'll never see'. Wow.

Cartoon: Bob Englehart

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Journal of Mr. Jefferson, a gentleman adrift in time

Gentle readers, I learned the most extraordinary information today after my mysterious arrival  from the  18th Century. I learned from the "TV" that the current President of the United States, a certain "Barack Obama" appears to be actively undermining the Constitution and trying to govern by decree. Heavens to Betsy! I'm glad that we were so careful to build the division of powers equally into legislative, judicial and executive.  But why are The People -- being the employers of government--  not using the protection of  the Second Amendment to load their muskets with lead shot and oust this "Obama" and his so-called "Democrats" who foster such abuse of power? This America of the future is indeed a conundrum. Tonight, I shall dine upon a fat, crisply-roasted capon and ask the cook, a well-upholstered, comely wench, to serve me the remains, between slices of thickly-buttered bread, for luncheon tomorrow.

Obama creates 'nudge' squad to influence people

The federal government is hiring what it calls a "Behavioral Insights Team" that will look for ways to subtly influence people's behavior, according to a document describing the program obtained by FoxNews.com. Critics warn there could be unintended consequences to such policies, while supporters say the team could make government and society more efficient.   While the program is still in its early stages, the document shows the White House is already working on such projects with almost a dozen federal departments and agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture.
Read more: 


Why Weiner could run for Mayor of London

Since 2010, London, England, firefighters have treated almost 500 people with rings stuck on their fingers, nine with rings stuck on their penises, and one man with his penis stuck in a toaster. Read more: 

Cartoon: Nate Beeler

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Smile of the Day

DoJ tells schools: 'let girl use boys' restroom'

The DoJ has forced a school district to allow a girl to use the boys' restroom because the girl calls herself a boy.
“The student was born a girl but “has identified as a boy from a young age,” according to the Department of Justice, which reached a settlement with the public school district in Arcadia, an affluent LA suburb. Under the deal, the district must not only change the student’s restroom privileges and make similar accommodations on overnight trips.  It also must institute a host of measures to ensure transgender students are treated as whatever gender they consider themselves to be.”  More

Howard Dean: Key part of ObamaCare is doomed

 Howard Dean isn't toeing the party line when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, Newser reports. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dean praises parts of the law, but takes aim at one of its key provisions: "the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board," that will determine what rates Medicare will pay for various procedures and drugs. "The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them," Dean warns. More here. [BJS]

Socialist travel in action

China has spent billions on building some of the largest and most modern airports in the world, but, much to everyone’s embarrassment, it seems unable to get planes to fly between them on time. Violent attacks have erupted at airports across China, with passengers venting their rage on staff. There is even a new Chinese phrase for the rampaging hordes: the “kong nu zu”, or “air rage tribe”. Last month, only 18 per cent of the 22,000 flights out of Beijing’s Capital airport departed on schedule, according to the aviation research company FlightStats, making it the world’s worst major airport for punctuality. Not one Chinese airport managed to get even half of its flights to leave on time. More here.   [BJS]

Barack Obama's Diary: Choking with Hillary

Dear Diary: What a fuss about Hilary and I having a simple lunch together! Political junkies are agog, but all we did was what everybody does on such occasions-- mostly gossip.  She is seething about the Weiner affair because she feels Weiner's antics revive people's memory of Slick Willie and The Intern. But enough about that. She wanted to know what incentive Lurch had offered Bibi to  release  key Palestinian prisoners and go to the negotiating table. Had we promised to aid in bombing Iran's nuclear facilities? "That's for me to know and you to guess," I said. She nearly choked  on her  chicken with jambalaya pasta. "So, it's  true." she said. I remained inscrutable and left the  table to greet the San Francisco Giants on the South Lawn.  "Bastard," she said to my disappearing back. But enough about me.

NSA targeted journalist, report claims

The New Zealand government says there is no evidence to support a newspaper report that the military was aided by the United States in monitoring the phone data of journalist Jon Stephenson, a New Zealander working for the U.S.-based McClatchy news organization. The report challenges U.S. claims that the NSA programs were not used to target specific individuals, rather to create large pools of usage data. More here.   [BJS]

Journal of Thomas Jefferson, a gentleman adrift in time

Upon my soul, I've had many strange experiences since waking in the bedroom of my beloved Monticello in an era much different than the 18th century. But,  of my manifold experiences, none has been has been stranger than watching what is called "TV" - a portal into the world of others.  Today, for example, there was much talk  on "TV" of an individual called Weiner who was said to have been distributing  representations of his reproductive organs to those who did not wish to see them. We foresaw a need, in the First Amendment of our Constitution, to protect free speech, as a barrier against tyranny. But we did not anticipate this kind of depraved abuse of our safeguard. A pox upon that vile Weiner and his perverted activities! Meantime, tonight I shall dine upon eggs, warm from the henhouse, and some  Indian corn and peas from the  vegetable garden. Happily, some things never change.

The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy of Dung Beetles' Award  is being rolled towards singer Lady Gaga for her desecration of the national anthem: "The Land of the free, and the home of the Gay"


Dim Crims: Bat vs bullets

Sheriff’s deputies say Derrick Mosley walked into Discount Gun Sales in Beaverton, Oregon,  with a  baseball bat in hand and smashed a display case. But they say when Mosley tried to steal a gun, the store manager simply pulled out his own personal firearm, pointed it straight at Mosley, then yelled at him, getting him to drop the baseball bat, the gun he had tried to take and a nine-inch long knife he had on him.  More

Weiner Headline du Jour

The Drudge Report on Weiner staying in  New York's mayoral race:  "Weiner sticks it out. "

Blair's secret deal with Gaddafi exposed

An email sent by the then British ambassador in Tripoli details how a prisoner transfer agreement would be signed once Libya “fulfils its promise” to buy an air defence system.
The disclosure is embarrassing for former members of Tony Blair's Labor government, which always insisted that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s release was not linked to commercial deals, The Telegraph reports.
The email, which contained a briefing on the UK’s relations with Gaddafi’s regime, was sent on June 8, 2008 by Sir Vincent Fean, the then UK ambassador, to Tony Blair’s private office, ahead of a visit soon after he stepped down as prime minister.   [BJS]

Dear Cabby...

Dear Cabby:  Last year I tweeted pictures of my junk, but I was exposed in both senses of the word and had to apologize and resign from Congress. Since then I have been running for the mayorship of New York, but now I have had to admit that I've been sexting again. New Yorkers are pissed and my approval rating has plunged. What shall I do? --Anthony

Dear Anthony: Are you out of your friggin' mind? Where did you get the idea that any lady wants to see your junk? Fuggedaboudit, buddy, ain't gonna happen. Just keep yourself zipped up and if you wanna show off your equipment just look in a mirror. You gotta problem widdat?   Meantime, How 'bout dem Yankees?
Just a minute, buddy... what are you doin' widdat phone? Freak! Pull your pants up and get outta of my cab right now!  Sheesh ...As if  Nanny Bloomberg wasn't bad enough.  Dis ain't da goddam city I wuz raised in. --Cabby


Barack Obama's Diary: Fore!

Dear Diary: This morning I spoke eloquently about our veterans on the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. It could have been even more eloquent if I had written it myself, considering that I'm a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. Anyhow, the most important business of the day was summoning me: a round of golf with some of my junior aides, at Fort Belvoir. The weather was disrespectful to the Leader of the Free World, grey and overcast, with occasional showers, which required sheltering under the canopy of the golf cart.
I hit a couple of bad shots and had to resort to my usual remedy for frustration: a call to the Pentagon, ordering a drone strike on a target of my choosing. The Pentagon brass know by now that they need to have a Predator on patrol in the whenever I'm playing. Audibly approving an attack via my encrypted iPresidentophone reminds my aides who's boss and that  I'm a better golfer than them. They don't call me King Putt for nuttin', no sir. But enough about me.

Dim Crims: Man stabbed 'out of curiosity'

An 18-year-old Gainesville man, Bamboo Flute Blanchard, has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed his 54-year-old father in the chest with a pocketknife after he 'wondered what it would be like to kill a person,' deputies  report.  More

  • The LC would very likely stab anyone who named him 'Bamboo Flute'

Fact checkers... who needs fact checkers?

[From the once fault-free Reader's Digest]


IRS union snubs ObamaCare

IRS employees have a prominent role in Obamacare, but their union wants no part of the law.
National Treasury Employees Union officials are urging members to write their congressional representatives in opposition to receiving coverage through President Obama’s health care law.
The union leaders are providing members with a form letter to send to the congressmen that says “I am very concerned about legislation that has been introduced by Congressman Dave Camp to push federal employees out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and into the insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act.” More here.     [ECS]

Barack Obama's Diary: Mountain men

Dear Diary: Today's retreat at Camp David went well. The guys came up with some interesting ideas, most of which seemed to involve inappropriate behavior with females, since that has generated some immediate and amazing name recognition for Anthony Weiner and Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego. My guys had better not try any funny business with Valerie Jarrett or Nancy Pelosi, or they will immediately be turned into pillars of salt or, in Pelosi's case, require copious amounts of eye bleach. It seems that I am going to have to return to my theme of inequality, during my public addresses. It's not equality of opportunity that's lacking -- affirmative action gave me plenty of opportunity. But some still claim that my presidency has been disappointing. I want  equality of outcome. I want  to be the gold standard,  so I cannot be upstaged by some old has-been shaving his head. But enough about me.

Obama's ANGRY economic agenda

"Think for a moment about how Obama is framing his economic speeches."  The core of what he’s trying to do, he said at Knox College, Illinois, is not to make the economy better or create jobs. It’s to eliminate inequality. 
"It’s the politics of resentment, touted by someone who harbors resentment. It’s at bottom the philosophy of gimme what you got, you rich bastard,"  writes Keith Koffler at White House Dossier.  Read it all.

Cartoon: Rick McKee

[The Augusta Chronicle]

What you need to know about NSA but are too scared to ask

They know much more than you think: Don't miss this absorbing account of the NSA's scary power to reach  deep into your life.  Read it all    [BJS]

Slick Willie vs. Schlong Weiner

ObamaCare doomed, say governors

Obamacare is unworkable — "the wreck is coming, and it is the American people who are going to pay the price," Republican Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Scott Walker of Wisconsin said on Thursday. In reality, "the Obama administration doesn't have a health-care plan," the governors said in an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal. "...the closer we get to Oct. 1, the day government-mandated health-insurance exchanges are supposed to open, the more we see that the administration doesn't have a legitimate plan to successfully implement the law.
"Fifty-five working days before the launch of the Obamacare health-insurance exchanges on Oct. 1, the administration published a 600-page final rule that employers, individuals and states are expected to follow in determining eligibility for millions of Americans," the governors continued. "Rather than lending clarity to a troubled project, the guidelines only further complicated it."   More here.

Looney leftoids sign post-birth abortion petition

Cartoon: Rick McKee

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Weiner jokes du jour

"Tough to know what Weiner was really thinking during his press conference because he was standing behind a podium." -Andy Borowitz

 It turns out that one of the women Congressman Anthony Weiner was communicating with was a porn star. When asked how it was possible to get involved with someone in such a sleazy business, the porn star said, 'I don't know.'" -Conan O'Brien
"What?! The congressman had a sex scandal and had to apologize to Bill Clinton? For what?! Copyright infringement?" -Jon Stewart     [RK]

Barack Obama's Diary: Way cool at Camp David

Dear Diary: My Cabinet and I are spending the day in retreat at Camp David, in the cool mountains of Maryland. There's a nine-hole golf course which I fully intend to enjoy, probably with jokin' Joe Biden and Marv Nicholson, my trip director, while we leave the rest of the folks to form break-out groups to brainstorm strategy for the next couple years. I will not be quitting the Presidency  [as if...] Then we will return to the conference room, nod patiently at  all the hare-brained ideas and promptly ignore those that Valerie Jarrett doesn't like. But enough about me.

Top ten signs that scandals aren't phony

10. Someone pleads the Fifth. Lois Lerner, IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during an oversight hearing. She was also suspended (with pay).
9. Documents go missing, officials fake e-mail addresses. Records of tax inquiries into Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell are gone; the former EPA chief made emails tough to find by using an alias.
8. You announce drastic policy shifts to minimize damage When the Department of Justice was found to be snooping. on the AP and Fox's James Rosen, Obama suddenly embraced a media shield law.
7. You make a show of "forcing" an official to resign. Obama theatrically announced the resignation of IRS chief Steven Miller; though his term was almost over, the gesture sent a clear signal of disapproval.
6. You try to arrest a low-level leaker. Though Obama himself minimizes the effort to catch Edward Snowden, the federal government is desperately trying to have him extradited for exposing NSA programs.
5. You assert dubious executive privilege to stop investigations. Obama exercised that option to protect Attorney General Eric Holder and the disastrous Operation Fast and Furious from scrutiny.
4. You intimidate whistleblowers. Hillary Clinton's State Department intimidated officials who knew the truth of what happened in Benghazi--and others who knew about gross misconduct in the agency.
3. Your Department of Justice opens criminal investigations. Theoretically, anyway, Attorney General Holder is seeing to it that the IRS's conduct is being scrutinized for alleged federal crimes.
2. You yourself have condemned the misconduct. Whether calling the IRS's behavior "inexcusable," or condemning civil liberties violations before 2008, Obama set the standard by which he is being judged.
1. Even the friendly media have run out of patience. When even journalists who made sure Obama was elected--twice--begin to feel threatened and irritated by the administration, there is no denying reality. [ECS]

Obama wants your passwords

The U.S. Government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users' stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these orders, which represent an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed. If the government is able to determine a person's password, which is typically stored in encrypted form, the credential could be used to log in to an account to peruse confidential correspondence or even impersonate the user. Obtaining it also would aid in deciphering encrypted devices in situations where passwords are reused. Full details here.   [BJS]

Cartoon: Eric Allie

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God save the Quing

If Prince George decides later that he wants to change gender, will he be Quing of England?

Obama abandons thousands of 'innocents' in prison

"Last month, President Obama quietly did something that should shake every American to the core. Seeking to enforce federal crack cocaine laws that have since been repealed, the Obama administration asked a federal appeals court to ensure that thousands of human beings, mostly poor and mostly black, remain locked in prison – even though everyone agrees that there is no justification for them to be there." More.   [BJS]

Barack Obama's Diary: The Soup Marxist

Dear Diary: This morning I met with President Truong Tan Sang of Vietnam and in keeping with my normal practice I put him at ease by using an accent familiar to him. "Goo Mornin', Mister Plesident," I said  breezily. " Wercom to the Why House. You rike soup?" I asked him." Most rittle yerrow men rike soup." He looked at me with his inscrutable eyes and muttered something about renewing hostilities with the US. People can be strange. What can I possibly have said to offend him?" Fortunately, I had an appointment in Jacksonville, Florida, an hour later and was able to slip away quietly and leave him in jovial presence of Joe Biden. But enough about me.

Majority want ObamaCare repealed

Voters think ObamaCare is going to hurt their wallet and over half want the law repealed, according to a new Fox News national poll.
By a large 47-11 percent margin, voters expect the 2010 health care law will cost them rather than save them money in the coming year.  Another 34 percent think the law won’t change their family’s health care costs.
Those negative expectations come at a time when a majority of the public remains unhappy with the way thing are going in the country (63 percent dissatisfied), and over half say they haven’t seen any signs the economy has started to turn the corner (57 percent) More.

Socialist medicine at work

Any U.S. conservative who doubts the urgency of stopping Obamacare before it can be fully implemented would do well to pay attention to the disaster unfolding across the pond. A report released last week revealed that as many as 13,000 patients may have died unnecessarily in Britain's National Health Service hospitals between 2005 and 2012.
The investigation discovered appalling standards of care, with patients being left without food and water, forced to lie in soiled beds, and left in ambulances because there were no beds available. The report further accused hospital staff of being more focused on meeting government-imposed targets than on patient care.
To make matters worse, standards were allowed to slip so dramatically because the watchdog tasked with monitoring the performance of NHS hospitals — the Care Quality Commission — covered up incidents of its employees failing to spot problems or to investigate complaints; they even used gagging orders to silence potential whistleblowers. Details here.


Cartoon: Rick McKee

[The Augusta Chronicle]

Dim Crims: Gangster snared by tattoo

Authorities relied on a chest tattoo depicting the murder scene to apprehend and convict a California gang member for a deadly shooting.  Anthony Garcia, 25, was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder for the 2004 shooting at a liquor store in Pico Rivera, Bakersfield. He could face life in prison for the crime when he is sentenced next month. Garcia had avoided arrest for four years until he was picked up by police for driving with a suspended license. More here   [BJS] 

Barack Obama's Diary: Phony baloney

Dear Diary: I'm focusing like a laser on the economy. We would be booming as a nation now,  if those sorry Republicans didn't keep getting in my way with endless phony scandals. Well,  that's my story, dudes, and I'm sticking to it. Talking of scandals, as we are,  how about that Weiner guy, has he got chutzpa or has he got chutzpa?
In my address to Knox College in Illinois today, I said, modestly: "We’ve come a long way since I first took office. As a country, we’re older and we’re wiser... Just by virtue of our size and our natural resources and the talent of our people, America will remain a world power, and the majority of us will figure out how to get by." Michelle and I, of course, are among that majority, and we have already figured out how to get by: another couple books and a series of major speaking gigs and we'll be set up for life. But enough about me.

Energy Dept. focus of new scandal

Yet another scandal: "U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) officials ordered subordinates not to talk to congressional investigators about their investigation into illicit hiring practices and related whistleblower retaliation allegations, according to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Darell Issa. Issa, in a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, revealed that the deputy secretary of energy issued a gag order following the release of a highly critical inspector general report last week. More here.

Dim Crims: Man 'stole human ashes'

William Cantrell, 28, was arrested this week for allegedly stealing a box of human ashes from a neighbor in Tennessee. Family members believe Cantrell thought the ashes were cocaine.  "William thought it was drugs, he thought he'd done found him a box of cocaine is what he thought," Cantrell's grandmother, Wanda Allen, said.  Cantrell was held on an aggravated burglary charge. Cantrell's grandmother believes he did not snort the ashes. More here.

Obamacare chokes part-time pay

For Kevin Pace, the president’s health-care law could have meant better health insurance. Instead, it produced a pay cut.  Like many of his colleagues, the adjunct music professor at Northern Virginia Community College had managed to assemble a hefty course load despite his official status as a part-time employee. But his employer, the state, slashed his hours this spring to avoid a Jan. 1 requirement that all full-time workers for large employers be offered health insurance. The law defines “full time” as 30 hours a week or more, The Washington Post reports. Details here  [BJS]

Headline du Jour

[The New York Post]


Socialist medicine at work

Bribery is the lubricant that helps keep China's public hospitals running, and the health system would struggle to function without illegal payments to poorly paid doctors and administrators, say medical practitioners and industry experts, Reuters reports.  They say government policies are partly to blame for a system in which doctors and other staff expect to be paid extra fees to perform operations and take kickbacks from pharmaceutical firms and medical-equipment suppliers.
The profession's ugly underbelly was exposed last week when police accused British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline of bribing officials and doctors for six years to boost sales and the price of its medicines. GSK has called the developments "shameful" and on Monday said some of its Chinese executives appeared to have broken the law. More here.

Zimmerman changes his name

Giant petition calls for Benghazi inquiry

What is said to be the largest petition ever presented to Congress was unrolled today, calling for an inquiry into the Benghazi killings. More 

Hypocrite 1: Jay Z

Jay Z has announced that he will join Stevie Wonder, Madonna and other musicians boycotting the state of Florida in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial. Jay Z’s boycott, however, will begin after he makes millions of dollars for performing with Justin Timberlake in the state.  Read more:  [ECS]

Hypocrite 2: Obama, B

Obama’s own interns work a minimum of 45 hours per week — for no pay. But at the same time, Obama has been loudly demanding a higher minimum wage. The hypocrisy is laughable.
White House interns work Monday through Friday, 9 am- 6 pm. But usually, the interns work even more hours than that. Not only are the interns not paid — they also receive no assistance to pay for housing or food. So, essentially, Obama’s interns pay to work for him. [More]

Headline of the Day

[From: The NY Post]     [ECS]

The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy of Dung Beetles' Award is being rolled towards creepy politician Anthony Weiner, who has admitted to sending a whole new series of "sexts" to a woman who is not his wife. More.


The NSA is a supercomputing powerhouse with machines so powerful their speed is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. The agency turns its giant machine brains to the task of sifting through unimaginably large troves of data its surveillance programs capture.
But ask the NSA, as part of a freedom of information request, to do a seemingly simple search of its own employees' email? The agency says it doesn’t have the technology. Details here.    [BJS]

Rebel Dems reject Obamacare

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that a group of once loyal Democrats has been steadily turning against Obamacare: Democrats who are ideologically moderate  or conservative.
Just after the law was passed in 2010, fully 74 percent of moderate and conservative Democrats supported the federal law making changes to the health-care system. But just 46 percent express support in the new poll, down 11 points in the past year. Liberal Democrats, by contrast, have continued to support the law at very high levels – 78 percent in the latest survey. Among the public at large, 42 percent support and 49 percent oppose the law, retreating from an even split at 47 percent apiece last July. More here.  [BJS]

Another day, another scandal?

President Barack Obama's choice to be the No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Dept., Alejandro Mayorkas, is under investigation for his role in helping a company secure an international investor visa for a Chinese executive, AP reports. Mayorkas was named by the DHS Inspector General's Office as a target in an ongoing investigation about the foreign investor program run by USCIS. More  [BJS]

Dim Crims: Facebook snares fugitive

When the Pasco, Florida, Sheriff's Office named Matthew Oliver as the Fugitive of the Day on its Facebook page, comments flowed in fast. Followers were quick to poke fun at Oliver, who was smiling in the photo. The script above the picture called for tips because he was wanted in connection with a robbery. Then Oliver, 23, chimed in. He wrote that the Sheriff's Office had slandered him and that he was in a hospital at the time of the robbery. Just after noon Friday, deputies found Oliver at a relative's house. His comments helped lead deputies to the home. Details here.  [BJS]

Thought for the Day...

Can't buy me love

To figure out which countries dislike the U.S., one quick way is to simply look at which ones are getting the most U.S. aid.
This wasn't the focus of a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. But it did emerge when Pew spoke to people in 39 countries about the U.S. and China, asking respondents if they had a favorable view of these two countries. Overall, the U.S. fared better than China. Worldwide, 63 percent said they had a positive view of the U.S., compared with only 50 percent who said the same of China. More here  [BJS]

Headline Du Jour

Mr President, your ego is showing

Barack Obama, offered a glimpse of his massive ego as he discussed his upcoming speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.  From the White House transcript:
"Now, here’s the thing — it will be a pretty good speech. But as we’ve learned — I’ve given some pretty good speeches before and then things still get stuck here in Washington, which is why I’m going to need your help."

Obamabots petition to grant him immunity

Cartoon: Aislin

[Montreal Gazette]

A soldier returns

Prepare to shed a tear:


Barack Obama's Diary: 'Everyting arite, Mon '

Dear Diary: After my usual morning briefing I went on to meet members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. I always try to reproduce people's accents or manner of speaking  because I feel it relaxes them.  A few minutes before the meeting I polished my Asian accent in the Oval Office until I was happy with it. Then I strode into the meeting: "Good mauling, little yerrow men! " I cried.  " It's good to see you. You velly wercome in Why House! I hope you not come here to correct interest on our debts," I said jovially. "Because the check is in the mail." There was no laughter, but I guess their humor is different than ours.  Michelle is still worried about  what she thinks is my paranoia and arranged for my Jamaican  psychiatrist to see me  again in the private residence. "Wha'appen, Mon? I said. "Barack, you still hearing door locks aclickin' when you approach cars?" he asked. I replied. "I was playin' golf at Fort Belvoir yesterday, and I swear I heard locks closing when I neared  other golf carts."  He looked at me blankly  for a moment. "Golf carts don' have door locks, Mon,"  he said. "I'm going to put you on a course of Paxil to combat anxiety.  Don' worry... be happy. Everyting goin' to be aright, Mon".
"But I don't have any anxiety Mon," I interrupted.
" Mon, you should, with the country going to hell in a bankra," he said.  "I'll see you in a couple days, aright...Walk good, Mon."
 "Walk good, Mon" I replied.   But enough about me.

Cartoon: Gary McCoy

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Socialist medicine at work...

Thousands of doctors are on strike across Italy to protest cuts to the country's health service, raising pressure on Prime Minister Enrico Letta's government as it seeks ways to cut spending. Thousands of planned surgical interventions and specialist visits will be postponed as a result. 
"We want to defend a public service that is more and more impoverished and that is no longer able to guarantee proper care for the people," said Massimo Cozza, head of the medical arm of Italy's biggest trade union.  More

The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy of Dung Beetles' Award is being rolled towards David Kutzler, nursing program director at Pima Community College where a student has filed a lawsuit claiming that she was illegally suspended after she complained that her classmates were speaking in Spanish and orally translating English to Spanish so excessively that she was failing to learn.  The student, Terri Bennett, formally requested a rule limiting classroom discussion to English. Nursing program director David Kutzler allegedly responded by called her a “bigot and a bitch.” Kutzler allegedly charged that Bennett was “discriminating against Mexican-Americans” and threatened to report her complaint as a violation of the school’s policies against discriminatory behavior and harassment.  [ECS]  Read more:

Quote of the Day...

"In Africa, W, God bless him, got results. [Under Obama] African debt relief is a concern that rates somewhere between sustainable lesbian herb gardens and protecting our Libyan ambassadors." [Source]

McCain has done it again

 Senator John McCain agreed with his former opponent, President Obama, that "stand your ground" laws need to be re-examined, nationally and in his home state. McCain praised comments made by President Obama following the George Zimmerman verdict.  "What I got out of the president's statement...is that we need to have more conversation in America," McCain said. He could start by asking fellow Republicans which party he belongs to.  [ECS]

The speech Obama SHOULD have given

The speech Obama should have given:
"My fellow Americans:  I am your humble servant. You have entrusted me with the tremendous honor and responsibility to serve you as president. I am not president of black America, Hispanic America or white America. I am not president of liberal America or conservative America. I am president of the United States of America.  Regrettably, as a nation, we have become divided. I confess that I have contributed to this division. For this failure in leadership, I ask your forgiveness.  We were each created equal by a God of forgiveness. It is now time that we do as He commands; that we forgive one another as we are forgiven and that we come together, once and for all, as one America..." Read it all.

Barack Obama's Diary: I'm nuts

Dear Diary: Wouldn't you know? This is the first day  of my revived Organizing for Action campaign in the luxe premises of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C and this is the day that the Duchess of Cambridge chooses to bring unto the media the heir to the British throne. As I publicly confessed at the weekend in my remarks on the Zimmerman trial,  as an African-American I know what's it like to hear drivers lock their doors as I walk down the street and women tuck their handbags under their arms as I get in an elevator. This made Michelle worry that I was getting unstable and she made me an appointment with an African-American psychiatrist -- she said it takes one to know one. Long story short: the guy thinks I'm showing symptoms of paranoia combined with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a nasty cocktail of afflictions. He gave me a mild anxiolytic and told me not to play golf for a week [as if]. But enough about me.


Laugh of the Day...

Bill and Hillary were married 30 years. When they first got married Bill  said, "I am putting a box under the bed. You must promise never to look in  it." In all their 30 years of marriage Hillary never looked.
However, on the afternoon of their 30th anniversary, curiosity got the best of her and she lifted the lid and peeked inside. In the box were 3 empty beer cans and $1874.25 in cash. She closed the box and put it back under the bed. Now that she knew what was in the box, she was doubly curious as to why.  That evening they were out for a special dinner. After dinner Hillary could no longer contain her curiosity and she confessed, saying, "I am so sorry.  For all these years I kept my promise and never looked into the box under our bed. However today the temptation was too much and I gave in. But now I need to know why do you keep the empty cans in the box?"  Bill thought for a while and said, "I guess after all these years you deserve to know the truth. Whenever I was unfaithful to you I put an empty beer can in the box under the bed to remind myself not to do it again." Hillary, shocked, said, "I am very disappointed and saddened but I guess after all those years away from home on the road, temptation does happen and I guess that 3 times is not that bad considering the years." They hugged and made their peace.
A little while later Hillary asked Bill, "Why do you have all that money in the box?"
Bill answered, "Whenever the box filled with empties, I cashed them in."

If Bam had a city...

Cartoon: Yaakov Kirshen

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Pow! Allen West smacks down Obama

Kids revolted by Michelle's food

School administrations continue to hang posters in cafeterias trying to convince students that what is being fed to them is "fun food" which is healthier for them than the foods they enjoy eating.
Meanwhile schools are having to purchase more garbage cans to contain the Michelle mandated foods that kids are dumping, some preferring to go hungry rather than eat "required" foods. Students just throw away the food being forced on them by the US Government.   More here.    [ECS]

Noonan: IRS bombshell alarms Democrats

Peggy Noonan writes in The NY Post: "The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office — that had been established — but to the office of the chief counsel.
That is a bombshell — such a big one that it managed to emerge in spite of an unfocused, frequently off-point congressional hearing in which some members seemed to have accidentally woken up in the middle of a committee room...Still, what landed was a bombshell. And Democrats know it. Which is why they are so desperate to make the investigation go away. They know, as Republicans do, that the chief counsel of the IRS is one of only two Obama political appointees in the entire agency..." Read it all.

Dim Crims: Geezer seized

AN elderly man  in Geelong, Australia, who allegedly robbed a woman at knifepoint, failed to flee the scene because he was too slow trying to fit his walking frame into a stolen car. Read more.   [BJS]

The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy of Dung Beetles award is being rolled towards MSNBC contributor Joy Reid who told Republican strategist John Feehery that the right has idolized Zimmerman while lacking any kind of “basic human sympathy” for Trayvon Martin’s family.

CASE No. 19015: Obama, Barack

Patient #19015: Obama / Barack  

Patient presented with what appears to be severe paranoia.  Says he feels that he is being "watched all the time." When he walks down a sidewalk he is convinced that he can hear car-door locks snapping shut. When he gets in an elevator he says women often tuck their handbags under their arms and hold their breath.  In department stores he often  has  the "creepy" feeling that he is being  followed. Patient was prescribed 30 X 2mg hydroxyzine HCL tablets as a mild sedative to be taken, as necessary, to relieve anxiety, and advised to return for a follow-up consultation after two weeks.
Signed: Dr. Psy Chosis