Rubio: Already a tropical storm

Marco Rubio is a already a  political tropical storm and before long the Florida senator could become  a political  hurricane.  He told CPAC: "Unlike any leader in modern American history, we are led today by a president that has decided to pit Americans against each other. The basic argument he is making to our nation is that the reason why some of us are worse off than we used to be is because other people are doing too well. That the only way for some of us to do better is for some people to do worse.
"Do you know what the most powerful thing about our nation is?” Rubio continued. “It’s the American example. The fact that anywhere you go in the world, people know that there is someone just like them, living here, who is doing things that they cannot.
“Do you know why people sacrifice their lives and struggle to access democracy and free enterprise around the world? Because they see what it has done here. They see in the American example what can happen when anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything they want. They see what it means. And they want that for themselves.”
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